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Curly Hair Bites :(

I've had curly hair my whole life and it's both a curse and a blessing. When it rains, I have an Afro as wild as Ray's, no joke. My hair was completely uncontrollable and people didn't like it. So I started wearing it tied back, then I always wore it tied back-until I cut it totally short.

Like a Kid in the Candy Store

The candy store is totally awesome, but I haven't been in one in years. Though I have a mighty hungry sweet tooth, I have another appetite that's even bigger: books! My niece had to go to the library to work on a project and our main one has a second hand bookstore just inside the door. It pulls me like a magnet and I wander from table to table, bookcase to bookcase, looking for those books I can't afford in the regular bookstore. My mom won't take me to the bookstore unless we have a whole day to literally waste. Once I'm through those doors, I'm hard to get out. I was so happy today.

Just Another Day

The semester starts on Monday-Woo! I'm ready to go. I'm excited about my classes, signed up for some really awesome ones. I'm really excited about the film genre class I signed up for. It's a psych course so that will be interesting. And I miss working in the Writing Center. I see all kinds of papers and sometimes I want to throw the paper at the client and tell them to come back when they're serious, but I don't. I plaster a smile on my face and try to be polite and fix what I can in thirty minutes. I'm too nice sometimes. Plus we see so few clients that it's awesome study and research time.


Now that the holidays are over, things are resembling normalcy (whatever that is). School's starting again in about a week-woo-hoo. I'm bored out of my mind sitting at home. I want something, anything to do it's maddening! I actually slept after getting up because I was so bored. Really? The internet only holds so much entertainment and I'm not playing Monopoly again-that game is dangerous. Hopefully I'll find something to occupy my attention tomorrow. Maybe I'll start working on that story I keep thinking about, I don't know, but I want something to do!

12:00 am on January 1, 2012

Just saying Happy New Year again because I'm on the site again.
It's 2012!
Redhead out.


It's just after 8 where I'm at and the family is gathering for the big year change. 2012! Oh boy! It's going to be a big year for me. I'll finish my junior year of college, start my senior thesis and embark on the first semester of my final year. Whoa. I'm making no resolutions, what's the point? I never go through with them anyways.Anyways-I'm ready for whatever 2012 throws my way.
Wish I was brae enough to head downtown. Tonight at midnight they're dropping a guitar like New York drops the mirror ball.

Oh the Last Few Days...

Nothing much as happened this week. Played an exciting game of Monopoly with my sister and niece. It lasted four hours. No one could go bankrupt and we kept landing on our own properties so eventually we made up our own rules and the game finally ended. It was hilarious when I had to break a hundred to pay my niece six dollars in rent. It was so stupid. :P And I broke my losing streak on Battleship. Believe it or not, I've won four games total in my life. Sad, I know, but my mom is, like, a pro. My niece was even better than me, though it was her I played the other night.

Just Dropping By...

Steadily losing my voice because of this stupid cold. :( Oh, well, at least I can still type :). Despite being sick, I'm in a fairly good mood. Anyways, just thought I'd say HI.
Redhead out.

Happy Holidays/Ninja vs. Red Head?

Here's a belated Merry Christmas! :)
Yesterday was good. Got to watch the little ones open their gifts, and nearly got suffocated by my niece.I'm just glad I found something she likes. The only sucky part is being sick. It's what I get for slowing down. It never fails. When I go on break, I always get sick. I guess that means I need to get sick when class is in session more. Haha. Anyways, Christmas was pretty good this year. :)
I also got to hear from my other best friend which was totally awesome. I miss him and his nuttiness.

A Guitar for a Little Rock Star

Last night I was watching the New Jersey concert on the Black Parade is Dead and my little nephew was running around the living room with an empty wrapping paper roll trying to strum it like a guitar. It was so cute! I thought how neat it would be to get him a guitar, but he's too little and would probably break a real one in like 2.5 seconds. So...with the creative brain I'm blessed with, I found a couple of pieces of card board, some duct tape, and snitched the wrapping paper roll from him and, about thirty minutes later-wallah! a phony electric guitar was born!