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I think I might post it...

I know I just posted something not too long ago, but I've been playing around with a story based in the Killjoy world. It's a new take on that world from a different point of view and I'll say now it probably doesn't follow all the technicalities of the MCR created world. I'm thinking about posting it, but I'm not sure. I think it's fairly good, but, hey, I'm the author, so really my opinion doesn't count. I guess I could post the first few parts and if I get a huge negative response I'll just take it down. No harm, no foul right? I don't know. Any suggestions?
Redhead out.

I'm weird becaaaaaaauuuuuuuse...

Because I have to have some kind of noise to focus. The TV has to be on, or a movie running, or my ears plugged with music. My grandparents and mom used to make me turn it off but then they realized I got my work done so it didn't matter and over the years it became a routine. Then a prof asked me what I was listening to on my MP3 and at the time it was OneRepublic. She asked if I listened to it when I studied and I said absolutely. It keeps me focused and I remembered the things I read better.

Many Joys and it's Only the 2nd Week of Class

The year has been in session for 19 days and the semester for two weeks and already things have been going awesome. Made Dean's List, got into Sigma Tau Delta, an Honors English Society, and I'm hoping this is a good sign for a good year. I know this year won't be all rainbows and sunshine, but at least it's started out that way. All I know is I'm not letting go of the momentum I've got going. It's led me to these good things and I'm going to see how much more I can achieve with it.
Now tht I've said this, I need to finish this blog and hit the books.

I got the most important e-mail ever today... :D

Checked my e-mail afterclass, expecting absolutely nothing of interest and an empty inbox. Instead I recieved one ofthe most important e-mails ever. I got in to the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to get in since my freshman year. I couldn't then, but now I have everything required and I recieved the confirmation e-mail today telling me I qualified to join. Woot woot!!!! Now I'm not just in the "English club", but the real deal. I am so estatic. Now I have to go send in my application.
Redhead out.

Just Stoppin' By

I'm putting off reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because I don't want to read it again. Why did it have to be published in the Victorian Era? Why?
Anyways, on a higher note, that new video is awesome! I watched it before my shift started and it made my day. I love Kids from Yesterday because I feel like it sometimes. In less than a year, I'll be done with college, and even though I'll always be a kid at heart, that stage of my life has passed and it feels very weird. But anyways, love the new vid and can't wait for whatever's coming next!
All right, this Redhead is going to stop

Sitting in the Writing Center...

Back to work today. I think I'm the first one down here for the semester so I get to officially open the Writing Center. Okay, awesome. I love my job and though I get some people coming through that need more help than I can and am willing to give, I still get to meet some awesome writers. I love when I have a regular and I get to see them regularly throughout the semester and watch their writing grow and become more mature and college ready. It's awesome to be able to say I helped them do that. Writing is my passion in life, it's the reason I've many of the choices I have in my life.

Slam Poetry and Other News

Yeah, toatally ready for the slam poem I have to present today. I just hope it lasts the required three minutes. I keep adding to to it so I think it's long enough. Here's to hoping, right?
In other news, nothing much happening. Class and more class. Taking a relly awesome film genre class-can you say MOVIES! <3 Probably the least boring class I'm taking this semester.
Okay, can't waste any more time. Gots to head on to class
Redhead out.

Snow Flurries

There's snow coming down but it's not sticking :( I really would like to have a snow day. But the weatherman says no go. Boo. I can't focus on this article because I want to look outside and watch it flurry. I can't though because I got a quiz on this article today. Boo, again. Oh well. Writing Center meeting today-woot! Can't wait to get back to work. Love the little basement room we have 'cause no one ever bothers me down there and I have time to study and I always know beforehand whether or not I have a tutoring session, which lately I haven't had many.

Some People Just REALLLLLLLLLLLY Irritate Me

Title says it all. Sometimes those irritating people make me want to look at them and say either "duh" or "no crap, Sherlock." Like right now I'm being nice and biting my tongue-really hard.
Done complaining. Redhead out.

2nd First Day-???

With college comes two "first day of school". My Mon, Wed, Fri classes and then my Tues and Thurs classes. It's day number two and I have a new prof and a special course I signed up for the first time today and this semester-therefore a 2nd first day-haha
In other news...this guy studying in the cubby over here keeps annoying me by banging his pencil on the desk. Doesn't he know this is the library-he's supposed to be quiet-shhhhh!
My uncle wants me to go to law school and become a lawyer of some sort. He doesn't approve of my major choice.