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Dear Mother Nature, please make up your mind...

I live in the south. The winters around here usually aren't that bad. There's a few frozen days and a little bit of snow every now and then. Sometimes we a get a few days that feel like spring's come early only to be snatched away the next day. Pretty mild. But not this winter. How about we reached the 60s yesterday and are aiming in that general direction again today. Don't get me wrong, I love my short sleeves and capris, but not in the middle of winter. This type of weather makes me nervous.

I have time on my hands!!!!/ Frenemy Part 5

This is awesome, I have some time to waste today-awesome! Since I have so much time to waste, I thought I'd post part five of my story. So, here it is: Frenemy Part 5. Redhead out. Peace.

I delivered the girl to the city, directing her to the place where she could get her Zone pass. She motored off without a backward glance. I continued on, too bored to return to the desert despite my orders. My mind raced with the thought of the Killjoys and BLI fighting a war. I needed to realize I was a factor in all this no matter how much I didn’t want to be.

Sayin' HI! :)

Hello. Been a long day and it's still not over. I've got to finish writing a conceit for creative writing and I'm thinking about writing about my unruly hair. Maybe? I don't know. Anywho, sitting here putting it off like a well trained procrastinator. I finally posted Frenemy part four so if you've been reading it check it out. I'll probably post part five tomorrow but I'm not in any position to make promises, just be on the look out if you care.
Off to write my conceit. Hopefully it won't turn out like crap.
Redhead out.

Frenemy Part 4 (A little late, but it's here now!)

Sorry it's a bit late. Hope you enjoy. Redhead out. Peace.

Coffee, my body begged me for coffee. I obliged, sitting in my living room, enjoying a cup that tasted like tar. The one thing I would want, even in the society we lived in today, is good coffee, but, of course, that isn’t the case. I didn’t have to head in early today, a nice change to my usually monotonous schedule. For once, I had time to attempt to watch television. I dug my remote out from under the couch and settled back against the lumpy cushions, turning on my aged set.

Another BLog of NonImportance

It's raining. I want to be curled up my bed, not focused on Dr. Jeykll and Mr Hyde or Chaucer, or Shakespeare or Spanish, but I don't have much choice. Dreading the Dr. Jeykll/Mr. Hyde movie we're watching in Vicotiran lit. It's TERRIBLE. The review said it was a close adaptaition of the novella. HA! They obviously have never read the novella only seen the other horrible movie adaptations. So either she'll throw it out, preferrably under an 18 wheeler or, better yet, into the sun, or she'll play it. We all laughed so hard the movie was that bad.

Hi. :D

Okay, so much has happened in the last few days and my head is hardly able to keep up. Anyways, i know I promised a part of my story, but it looks like it will be coming out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. Now I have to finish my poem for class tomorrow. XP I really don't want to rewrite it, but the assignment says I have to. Off I go.
Redhead out.

My Nephew-the Little MCR Fan

My nephew is three. I listen to MCR ALL the time so he hears it too. My sister has a picture of them on her phone and he was looking at it. He kept pointing and saying "Mikey?" So I took the phone from him and pointed at Mikey. Then I named off the other band members. Now every time he sees their picture, he names them off, stumbling over the others by first calling them Mikey then their real names. It's so cute! I've turned my three year old nephew into a My Chem fan! LOL I think that's absolutely hilarious and totally cute!
In other news, I'll be posting part four of my story (Frenemy)

Frenemy Part 3

All right, the next chapter. Hope somebody likes it. Redhead out. Peace.

The sun beat down on the desert with relentless abandon. I immediately began to sweat within the confines of my mask. I wanted so badly to yank it off, but the rules were when in the desert, the masks stay on. Flash took point, leading the way toward the suspected quadrant. I followed at the back, keeping my eyes peeled for trouble. Ambushes weren’t that uncommon. One time there was a team sent out to check a tip and found out too late that the tip came from a Killjoy.

Fremeny Parts 1 & 2

Okay, here it is, my story. I've posted the first two parts. Hope you like it. Redhead out. Peace.

Four Months Ago
I remember the day my fiancé died like it happened five minutes ago. I’d worked for Better Living Industries about two months, chasing gangs known as Killjoys all across the desert. The day he died had been a particularly rough day. One of my teammates had been killed, protecting me from my own stupidity. If he hadn’t jumped in front of me, I would’ve gotten the laser beam through the heart.

I feel like...

A Rock Star.
Don't why.
But it feels great.
Redhead out.