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The Hardest Trip of My Life

Just got back from Michigan. Normally going there is a blast, but this time it was with a heavy heart. My grandmother passed away exactly one week ago today. She lost her battle with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. She fought the diseases for about three or four years. It was weird saying good-bye. My mom and her siblings chose a vault that had tokens on the lid and all the immediate family got one. I wear mine on a chain.So, yeah, I'm trying to remember all the good times and remembering that it's okay to laugh and all that despite not having my grandma around any more. Her absence is sharp.

Frenemy Part 11

Got that sleep I needed and i'm pumped full of energy! Woot! Anyways, here's the next part of my story. Enjoy it while I go do my research! Thanks for reading. Redhead out. Peace.

And now...
Drum roll please...

Death was a hazard of the job. When I encountered the Killjoys at the diner, I had been terrified of their guns and what a single shot could mean. But at this moment, something akin to serenity swept through me. I didn’t feel like a part of the world, but like I was viewing everything through someone else’s eyes.

I'm Writing this on Autopilot

I am so tired. It's only Wednesday and I feel completely drained. I haven't accomplished much of anything. My prof keeps ticking me off, papers are piling up, and Easter break can't come fast enough. I need coffee and lots of it. Warm and caffeinated. Well, maybe not right now, I need to try to catch some sleep, but definitely in the morning. Definitely.
I'm rambling, I do that a lot. Especially when I'm this tired. So maybe that's a sign I should put up the computer before I write something I'll regret, although there's nothing I could write that would make me feel regret. I'm that dull.

So worries do turn into something beautiful...

Yeah, so that short story I had been freaking about turned out really really good. No technical errors and a few other minor things to edit before it's submission ready. I've been reading through everyone's critique and they keep commenting on silly things, like the setting. The place is real people! I lived there for six years and have traveled back and forth countless times after that! Anyways, yeah. But that made me smile the whole day until I got the e-mail back from my prof about my thesis book choice and I was told I couldn't do it because it basically wasn't a traditional book.

If you bury worries, do they turn into something beautiful?

So I'm freaking out about my short story. I get critiqued on it tomorrow and I'm getting more and more nervous about it since the thrashing the girl's story before me got. Prof said one misspelled word or any grammatical errors is an automatic F. I worked three weeks on it and checked and double checked for errors, but I'm still terrified of that stupid F. One of my classmates said good things about it at our honors society meeting, but that's just one person. I don't know why I'm not biting my nails off right this second.
I think I'll go think happy thoughts...
Redhead out.

Frenemy Part 10

Here's part ten of my story. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for reading it. Redhead's out for now. Peace! :D

By the end of the week I was back out in the desert. The gash on my leg no longer bothered me and the one on my arm had completely healed. I drove across the desert, once again assigned to the quadrant with the diner, the Fabulous Killjoy’s place. I gave that place a wide berth, not wanting another encounter with them again.
In the afternoon, I was assigned to another one. I drove the unfamiliar area, glancing this way and that.

Home Sweet Home! <3

I'm finally home! New Orleans, it was nice meeting you. I'll visit again, but next time I'll see all the history and paranormal, not the alcohol, I've seen enough of that to last me a life time.
So, yeah, I went to New Orleans to attend a conference which was really interesting. But while I was there, I also paid a visit to Bourbon Street with my companions. I didn't know we were going to spend all night down there, but did. My companions both had a few drinks, they tried the hand grenade and a couple others. I didn't drink at all-not my scene.

New Orleans

I came to New Orleans for a Sigma Tau Delta (English honors society) conference. The conference has been awesome, extremely informative. I've learned some new techniques to use in my tutoring job on campus and some potential ideas for my senior thesis. There have been some really good moments and some really bad ones. One of the girls I am traveling with is getting on my last nerve. I cannot to put some distance between us. New Orleans is one of a kind, but I have learned very quickly it is not the city for me.

Frenemy Part 8 & 9

Here it is, Part 8, and, surprise, Part 9! Enjoy! And thanks for reading! Readout out. Peace.

Sashay stood outside my door, her arms crossed. I sighed when I saw her, the last thing I wanted to do was go out. She straightened as I approached, dropping her arms to her sides. I limped to my door, slipping in the key, which decided to stick tonight. I wiggled it a bit and it turned the tumblers, letting me in. Sash followed, shutting the door for me.
“What happened to you?” she asked, concerned.
“Work related injury,” I replied easily.
I dropped my bag on the floor by the kitchen.

If you know where these lines are from, awesome. If you don't, you will at some point. I just want to thank Chaucer for writing in Middle-English and my prof thinking it would be awesome for us to recite part of his work in the original language. Five more lines to go...
Anyways, it's been a busy weekend. I'm getting ready to leave this city and head to New Orleans. Gonna have some fun in the Big Easy even though I'm going for a conference. Plus, I'm 21 now! Woot, woot! Haha. Went and got all the things I needed for the trip and even splurged a little on a few things.