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" I lost my way in your city lights..."

As I'm sure you know, the title is a reference to "Burn Bright". I just caught the line while I was listening to it and there it is.
Anyways, sitting in the writing center looking at the submissions for the literary magazine publication. I'm one of the three editors and I'm working on selecting my picks from the submissions. There's some intense stuff here and at the same time there's some less than impressive stuff. I kind of feel bad for some of the people who submitted because their piece(s) may not make an appearance and I know the feeling.

Countdown 3...2...1...Zero

There are so many countdowns in my life right now. Four days away from the Conventional Weapons 5 release, 22 days away from my birthday, and 11 weeks away from graduation. And all these days and weeks are going to fly by. Wow, I think the only that has really surprised me is the graduation one. I can't believe I've almost completed four years of college already. It seemed like a lifetime getting through elementary, middle, and high school, now I'm almost done with college. Time flies.
Redhead out.
Peace and <3

They turned the lights back on!! Yay!

Yeah, yesterday, my college campus was completely dark. The power had been knocked out during the storm we had Tuesday night and our power company had said something about having it back on by 7AM--no such luck. So, we went to class anyways. Yup. They made us go to class in the dark, and let me tell ya, some of these buildings are EXTREMELY creepy in the dark--like Kenrick, the oldest building on campus. It was like walking into a tomb or something.

So what are you saying about me?

We had a really bad storm last night and it knocked the power out on campus and the school made us go through a regular day of class despite the lack of light. It was ridiculous. And then only have the campus had light. Some profs canceled class, most didn't though. And then, the following happened and it really grated my nerves.
Sitting in my Politics and Science Fiction class, we discussed War of the Worlds. The discussion was interesting and all, but then we started talking about trends in pop culture. I got really ticked off. One girl began bashing Twilight.

Curious for your opiinion

We did a free listing exercise in Anthropology the other day and the results were interesting. I thought I might throw the prompt out on here and see what you guys respond, so comment if you're interested.
Okay--ready? The world has ended and you're the only survivor. You can take five (5) movies with you--what do you take?
My list: (1)V for Vendetta, (2) Schindler's List, (3) Resident Evil: Apocalypse, (4) Finding Nemo, and (5) Les Mis (the one with Liam Neeson and Geoffery Rush) I'll admit it was hard to come up with this list cause I am a HUGE movie buff.
What's your list? Please comment.

The Gap is Huge and Yet Not Very Big At All

Class is about to start...yay...but in the meantime, it's always fun making plans to hang out with your friend. My social life has exploded, which is strange, because after high school, it kind of fizzled to nothing, but now, plans all the time! Anyways, that's not what I wanted to blog about. I went to tutor yesterday at the high school across the street and worked with some of the students. They're so sweet and so dedicated to doing well. And this is college stuff, not basic academics. They're partnered with my college, it's kind of how I got the job, but that's a whole other story.

It's Cold and I Have to Walk Outside :(

It's not as cold as most of the north, but it sure is freezing to me right now, especially when the wind blows, nearly knocked me over on my way to class. I can't wait for spring to get here. I have to leave campus and walk to the high school across the street for my tutoring job this afternoon, very soon actually, and I don't want to go out in the cold! :(. Oh well, I'll suck it up and do it anyways. At least I don't have to go too far, just across the street and up the block. Then I'll be inside, nice and warm, until it's time to go home, and then I'll get in the car.

What do you say to silence besides hello?

Again, another random title unrelated to anything in this blog. Well, maybe a little related since I'm sitting in the library all alone, waiting for class to start so it's kind of quiet. And if I started talking to myself I might get some funny looks. ;P
There is absolutely nothing going on in my life right now except classes and tutoring. Graduation is getting closer, and exactly one month from today I will turn 22. Looking forward to it, too.

Frenemy Part 20

Thought I should post the next part of my story. Check out the rest of it here if you want to catch up or start it from the beginning: It's easier than looking through my blogs to find all of them. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Redhead out. Peace and <3!

I jumped. I had just pulled into my apartment complex and hadn’t got out yet. I turned toward my window. Sash stood by her little BMW, leaning against the hood.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“Hey, Sash. What are you doing here?”
She grinned and I felt my stomach

They said their "Famous Last Words" @ the Republic Coffee shop

Had a blast with my friends this afternoon. Spent two hours just talking and laughing. It was fun and we're already talking about getting together again really soon. We meet at a coffee shop a few blocks from the college called the Republic. It's small and comfy and I think a new place on my list of places to frequent. :D
And now the reason for my title. In the city I live in, My Chem's music isn't played on the radio or in businesses. I don't know why, but they just don't play it. So imagine my surprise when I'm talking with my friends and I hear "Famous Last Words" come on.