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MCR at first ave

Pre MCR:

nanana/give em hell kid/planetary go/hang em high/vampire money:


The only hope for me is you:

Na na na:

Give em hell kid/Planetary go:

Hang em high:

Mama/House of wolves:

Destroya/Welcome to the black parade:


I see My Chem tomorro 4/12 and im so nervous/excited. what are my chances of meeting them? anyone know?

eating disorders

how can or in what way do you think mcr would help recover someone from an eating disorder?

MCR videos and my dad

I just went upstairs and caught my dad watching mcr videos on mtv :O

just saw my chem on tv....

and is it just me or did they seem like they didnt really want to be there?

I GOTZ 'EM!!!!

I GOT ALL 4 OF MY TICKETS TODAY!!!! ...... now i have to just keep them safe until april -_-

Dr. Death Defying?

Who is he? do we even know?


I'm so happy MCR is coming back to minneapolis!! it's been 5 fucking years since ive seen them last. the last time i was in middle school and now i'm in college. so, my chem should be feeling like old men if they are reading this. i got 4 tickets and i don't even know 2 extra people to bring. LOL! i was panicking on ticketmaster because of the count down clock so i got the 4 tickets plus 2 day shipping *facepalm* i forgot i need money to live. i ended up paying over $200. MCR this better be one kickass concert.

no more commenting on blogs?

can we not comment on other peoples blogs now or am i just blind?

NEW drummer?

so i heard there was a new drummer for my chem. anyone know who it is?