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So I'm talking to my brother Ed on AIM today. He flew in for Thanksgiving from Florida and we got to spend some time together, eat delicious steaks, and jam with my other brother Tito and Ed's friend Carmine. Lemme tell you that after a case of Bud, I play drums like Keith Moon and Tito can shred "Dirty Deeds" on vocals better than Bon Scott. Carmine also wrote an insane riff, only problem was we all were too drunk to play it well...

Anyways I'm chatting about his flight, and how my Dad got him sick, and than he says this..."so I'm making a homebrew 120gb drive for my xbox today." I question him further on it, and he sends me here (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=660096). After a quick scan of this document, I realize this shit ain't easy. This, after he told me a few days ago that he made cymbals for his rock band 1 drum kit with HIS BARE HANDS. I couldn't do anything but smile. You see my brother Ed follows in the footsteps of my father, who is straight up into electronics. He loves them.

You know those weird circuit boards and iodine and wiring and capacitors and all manner of strange things that Radio Shack carries yet no one seems to buy? My dad LOVES that stuff. He used to take me and Ed to the computer shows, where they'd do presentations on the latest unveiling of the Atari 800, which was a computational beast at the time. This machine was hot shit. A fully integrated computer crammed into a case the size of a small typewriter. Take that Apple!!!

We'd go to flea markets, usually held in gravel filled parking lots, and buy computer games in a plastic baggy because they really didn't sell games in stores at the time. It was a long drive down there, but we'd be rewarded with a McDonald's Hot Cakes breakfast, and if you were really hungry, you'd get the Big Breakfast...We have broadband internet now, but my dad was overjoyed when he got home his 1200 baud modem, and trolled the usenet and Compuserve for people to chat with and trade programs. My dad once wrote a program on his trusty 800 for my mom. She loves to play Pick-3, so he wrote a program that would pick numbers for her at random. Oh, did I mention he soldered together a board that let the computer SPEAK these numbers? And you know how your fancy XBox 360 and PS3 controllers rumble when you get hit? Well my dad specced out a system where your controller would actually ELECTROCUTE you when you messed up in the game. Unfortunately, he never got to make a prototype.

So when my brother Ed told me about his foray into hacking that Xbox drive, I smiled, knowing full well my dad taught his sons well. That's all for now, Im scoping out a new SSD drive that I'm dying to install in my laptop...

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Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

I too am jealous of Gerards blogging skills, and his seemingly ubiquotous presence. Dr. Manhattan, anyone???
Anyways, there are a lot of these kind of videos floating around, but this one is the best. Within 10 seconds, your first WTF will happen, and they'll just keep rolling from there. Enjoy...


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The Motherfuckin' Thanksgiving Day Parade Just Got Rick Roll'd!

There is really nothing more to say than that...

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Ray's favorite iPhone apps

Whether you're a Blackberry man or iPhone (wo)man, you gotta admit the App store is pretty rad. I've been using the iPhone for a good while now, and have come to rely on a few apps that make my daily life easier, keep me busy while driving (yeah I know its illegal, sue me), and suck up any remaining free time I might have left in a day.
Here's a short list of stuff you should check out if you're so inclined...

1. Pocketmoney ($9.99)
Not only does the app's icon make me think of delicious pork bacon, it also helps to keep your money straight. You can set up checking and savings account, and keep a running ledger of your spending so you don't have any more of those all-too familiar, embarrassing moments where you're trying to buy a bag of cheetos and a Quik but don't have any loot left on your card. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking right now. "I have a perfectly good paper register the bank gave me when I signed up for my checking account, and that shit cost me $0.00." To that I say, "But your register doesn't have a sick ass pig icon!"

2. NetNewsWire (The world is going to end soon FREE as fuck!)
This program is great! You know when you're having an important conversation with your wife about what you're making for dinner that week, and she's trying to write out a shopping list, and all you can think about is the latest post on Gizmodo detailing what GHZ the new intel iCore7 processor tops out at after overclocking with Nitroglycerin? Yeah, that happens to me too...Well now instead of just thinking about it, you can take out your iPhone in mid-conversation, pissing off your wife in the process, and read all the latest RSS feeds that you can stand. It even works for our site too! Huzzah!

3. Super Monkey Ball (I paid $9.99 for this??? I'm a sucker)
Ok, I bought this because it was the #1 app for weeks straight. It had to be good right??? RIGHT? Well its not. I mean it has good graphics, but the controls suck. They really, really suck. Driving your dad's Nova after ingesting 10 beers at the college kegger, trying to balance a tall glass of Sunny D on your head while headbanging to Stone Cold Crazy is exponentially easier than controlling this mess. After maybe 5 tries playing the game proper, I decided it'd be much more fun to send Baby and Gongon repeatedly and utterly to their death. I hate this game. But it sure is a great time waster...

And there you have it. Three essential iPhone apps! Have fun, be safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was wrong....Street Fighter is available on PS3 RIGHT NOW!!!!


Yes folks. The moment I know you and every guy or gal who ever stepped foot in an early 90's arcade, propped a quarter on the machine, and waited his turn to be the "new challenger" draws near.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD comes out on PS3 tomorrow! This remake has seemingly been years in the making, and its finally upon us, happy day for all.

Round 1....Fight!!!!