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From the studio: Bob's stuff

Fear not, Bob Bryar is back and shredding these very drums. He had a pile of splinters and shit behind the kit that the guys here cleaned up. Bumout.

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From the studio: Frankie's shit

Not only is Frank a great guitar player, he's also a fine artist. Right now he's creating a wax masterpiece on top of his heads. This all started after I bought him a candle shaped like a bloody skull. Frank is a good dude.

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This Is Why You're Fat...

Mikey Way and Bob Bryar stumbled across this gem of a site. I think I've eaten about 30% of this stuff...


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Hard at work...

If you ever wondered where sheer musical genius begins and ends, its right here folks. This here is the board, where all our ideas, songs, intros, outros, and everything else related to writing music gets catalogued. What the average person sees is a collection of pictographs that take the shape of dogs, Boozeys, and Punch-Out characters. What our eyes see is well beyond your comprehension. See Piggy's left eye there? That's actually the chord progression to the best chorus you've ever heard. Don Flamenco's eyebrows? Insane verse riff. Boozey's projectile vomit? You don't even know how good that part is. My Chemical Romance. Hard at work...

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Rock Juice

Its what fuels us...

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Young Ray???

I saw that post you put up Bob, I can't believe you think that kid looks like me! I did this photo comparison, does anyone see a resemblance?!?!

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Jailbreak your shit

Bob, I feel your iPhone pain. Ever since my iPhone threw itself into the toilet, it hasn't been the same. Missed calls, no service, crap battery life, the list of muck-ups goes on.

I've been wanting to go to the Apple store to try and exchange my suicidal phone, but knew i'd be greeted by the same smugness and uppity attitude you dealt with. Every time I step foot in that store, I feel like they're doing me a favor selling me their plain aluminum products and their white earbuds. I think I bought a pair of earbuds, and inside the package was an extra pair of them crap buds.

Angry at the lack of basic functions on the iPhone, and wanted to stick it back to the man, so I did the only thing a sane man would do...I jailbroke the thing.

For those who don't know what this is, basically you're "freeing" your phone from Jobs' shackles. Now I can copy and paste, personalize the theme on my phone, record movies, answer texts without constantly having to switch programs, search my emails, run programs in the background, send pictures in texts, quickly change settings without going through a million menus, play NES games, save Youtube videos, the list goes on. The crowning jewel is when I used my cell connection on the phone to download an e-book before a flight.

This shit is fun, and now I feel the iPhone lives up to it's pricetag. Do a search for quickpwn to get started, install winterboard, backgrounder, pdanet, sbssettings, and whatever else catches your eye. Most of all, enjoy your new found freedom.

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Bauer shreds...

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some crazy shit happened

i don't know why that dog is showing up, I didn't eat it I promise. click the dog and you'll see the picture of the life, but shit, a dog in bullet proof armor? pretty sick...