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Yes please, and thank you

Japan, here we come!

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Youtube saving breakfast


I'm making parcels right now. Man how good is Youtube. I wish we were on Youtube...hint hint

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Wha wha whatttTTTT???

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Fuck Paris Hilton

Yeah, ummm....fuck Paris Hilton.

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Taya wins by an enlarged breast implant!

In a sleep inducing finish, Taya ended up with our man Bret's heart. Mindy left discouraged and disheartened. With her Sarah Palin good looks and twang, I thought for sure she would lose. I was right. In a shocking twist, a girl's decision to NOT have sex with Bret after five minutes of staring at each other lifelessly at dinner DID NOT get her booted off. Well played Taya, well played.

Congratulations Bret! You have get to have "hot, sexy, monkey love" for the rest of your life...or until next season starts up.

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Final Rock of Love Bus tonight!!!

Will it be the Penthouse Pet or Sarah Palin look-alike??? I can't wait to find out!

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A true fighter...

I didn't get to know you personally, but in a strange way I feel I did. Your website was an inspiration to read. A true and courageous woman, a fighter who never gave up. If only there were more people like you in the world, it would be a better place for us all.

She is survived by her fiancée Benjamin, their cats Eddie, Clarita, and Jake, their dog Buddy, and family.
To learn more about this amazing woman, go to www.nicolefightsback.com and www.benjieandnicki.com

Nicole Dolci, you will be missed.

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Rocky II

Just read that our good friend Steve Weibe is going for another shot at the Donkey Kong Championship title of the world! At E3, on June 2nd, Weibe will attempt to erase the stain that is Billy Mitchell from the pantheon of DK Warriors for good. Best of Luck Steve!

Update - Billy Mitchell pic added...

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Ya' know how the old saying goes...

You learn something new every day.

Today I learned Nietzsche has a mustache that shares a stunning resemblance to a buffalo.

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For Sale: 1982 Pontiac Firebird KITT Replica

Sick 1982 KITT Replica. Helps you pick up ladies in front of the high school. Beats an IRoC Z with more horsepower and missile launchers. Be careful of your evil twin, and a giant Mack truck with a mind of its own. Permed hair included...