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The Final Countdown...

Hey everyone, can you believe it??? Only 2 more days before we start tracking. It's been a long time coming, but we're ready to go. The new material is great now, and is only going to get better. I feel everyone has been pushing themselves to be better, and can't wait to hear the results. More to come soon!

UPDATE - hey so I accidentally posted the song with a link to download the file, which I'm pretty sure is completely illegal? Europe, I promise I didn't mean it! You'll all just have to imagine the song playing instead...Dah Dah dah dahhhhhh, dah dah dah dah dahhhhhhhh.....

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Another great practice...

Slowly but surely, we are chipping away at each song and getting them really tight. I'm really proud of everyone in the band, we're playing better than we ever have and cannot wait to take that energy into the studio. Only a few more days till the studo! You guys will be excited when you hear the new stuff, trust me!!!

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New TBS tomorrow!!!

Hey everybody! Our good friends in Taking Back Sunday have a new record coming out tomorrow! These guys took us out on tour many years ago, and have always been great to us. Plus they wrote our warm up anthem, Cut From The Team. That song shreds! They remain some of the best and genuine guys in the business, and its really exciting to see them back with a new member and a new record. We met Matt Fazzi when we played with TBS at Electric Factory, and knew right away he'd be a great fit for this band. Plus he's handsome, I think that's a requirement to be in TBS...

The record is called New Again, and I'm really digging it. I've been listening to the stream on their myspace page. So far my favorites are "Swing," "Catholic Knees," and "Carpathia." Great work guys! Pick it up tomorrow at a store near you!

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Fare thee well old friend...

After many fun months of jailbreak, and a few good weeks "living the rock-star life" with Beta 3.0 software, my iPhone has finally succumb to a rather ugly fall, splitting its side in twain and rendering it useless.

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I hope you have good lawyers...

Because we definitely do! Just kidding...maybe.

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Star Trek was mindblowing!!!

let me repeat...

Star Trek was mindblowing!!!

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Hook City!


Are you even serious right now??? Major hooks!

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Hey you guys!!!

Went to see The Goonies tonight with Mikey & Frank. There's nothing like reliving your childhood when you're 32 years old. Last week, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now this. What's even better is rediscovering the movie, and realizing how batshit insane some of the scenes in this movie really are.

In a PG movie, Mouth tells his Spanish maid that the top drawer is where we hide the marijuana, the middle is where the coke and speed are, and always, ALWAYS seperate the drugs. There's been 10 "shits" spoken by minors, a drug-dealing mafia, and a knife held to a 13 year old's throat.
And that's just in the first hour. Raiders had some similar scenes, none better than when God's fury is unleashed from the Ark, collapsing bones, melting faces, and exploding heads.

There's also a sense when watching this that every actor in this movie just gave it. They're not really acting, they're just being kids. Shit talking and razzing each other, but always there when you need them. Goonies Never Say Die!

Another thing to keep an eye on is how natural everything feels, and I think that's due to extended takes. Notice that when there are edits in most scenes, its cutting back to the same take, so everything flows really well. The editing and direction here are very tight. Also every stunt is real. No CG, and it shows. Today, the water slide scene would have been a travesty of poor looking CG. Back then, what did they do? Threw the kids down the slide because it looked fun as hell!

Finally, a kick ass theme song. Yes Cyndi Lauper, the Goonies ARE good enough for me...

Good times tonight, good times. When do we watch Jaws?

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Worst Album Covers? I think not....

Frank says someone sent this to Mr. Watson for us. It's in a book called "Worst Album Covers 2." I think it should be called "Best Album Covers," but that's just me.

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If 10 year olds have them...

Shouldn't, me and Bob, your gadget loving My Chem guys have them?!?! If only you could see their smug faces in the pictures, those little bastards...

Our unending search for the latest cool tech has ended with the Palm Pre. This thing looks sick. After countless Sidekicks, Dashes, HTC Touch models, 9234's, 7890's 8966's, G1's and Curves, we finally found what we're looking for. It looks to be a perfect meld of Blackberry functionality with iPhone flash. Where the Storm tried and failed, (can anybody successfully type on this thing?) the Palm Pre looks poised to succeed.

My unending love/hate relationship with the iPhone has been well documented, and damn't I'm ready to commit wholesale to a phone. I've jailbroken the thing to get some more functionality out of it (PDANet is the shit!!!!) I've also suffered the harsh realities of running background apps on this thing. No battery life, and iPhone slowed to a crawl.

I've treaded dangerous, shark-filled waters paying the tech-world equivalent of a back-alley abortion clinic 15 bones to access a broken iPhone 3.0 beta software that almost turned my phone into a $599 paperweight, all in the hopes of getting this phone to do what I need it to.

Copy/paste is great to have, but a little unwieldy to use. And wait till you move your phone a millimeter and the "Nothing To Undo" dialog box pops up. The landscape everything i think might be the worst feature, because after almost 2 years using the thing, does anyone even want this anymore? Now the screen goes into extreme fits of non-stop spinning, like a drugged up raver, completely going against what you've taught yourself. Individual program toggle please????

There is also the issue of speed. The iPhone has gotten progressively slower with each new update. What once were cool transitions between programs is now revealed to be what they truly were from the start...LOADING SCREENS. Its not a stretch to say that sometimes its hard to get things done on this phone. The new iPhone hardware needs to speed up dramatically, and I hope somehow the transitions can be disabled.

I know I'm being a little harsh here, especially with a beta software, but from what I've seen so far it doesn't compete with the OS Palm has been working on. Maybe with kick-ass fast hardware, Apple will step up. I guess we'll have to wait till June when they announce what they've been conjuring up.

Until then, Palm Pre, come home to Daddy.