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Hello from Japan

Hey all,

My Chemi is back in Japan!!!

We've been here for a few days taking in the sights, tastes, and sounds of this great country!

Osaka was our first stop, where we spent the day walking the shopping arcade, spending yens on toys and trinkets you can't get in the states. We also hung out with giant killer crabs, and treated ourselves to ramen 10,000 years in the making...

We also enjoyed some Kushikatsu, which is Japanese for deep fried goodness. Imagine dipping everything from beef, sausage, and chicken, to octopus in delicious corn-dog batter, frying it, deep dunking it in a milder A1'ish type sauce, and swallowing it whole piping hot. A delicacy indeed. You can watch the whole experience here.

We also managed to squeeze in a show, and it reminded us of why we love playing in Japan so much. We had a few technical problems, first show kinks, but the crowd powered us through.

For those of you who have never been to a show in Japan, the crowd reacts in a way completely unique to Japan. Between songs, they are whisper quiet, respectfully waiting for the next song to start. Once the music kicks, they begin to dance, chant, mosh and sing along at ear piercing levels. When the song ends, polite applause, and then silence. It makes for a special experience, that somehow feels more personal than the size of the show would indicate.

We then hopped on the bullet train to Nagoya. For all of the steel and concrete that fills the big cities, you forget that the much of Japan is filled with beautiful green trees, snow-capped mountains, and smaller, more traditional cities.

The gig in Nagoya went much smoother, and was just as fun as Osaka. DeWees, keyboard extraordinaire, played a beautiful piece on the spot before Black Parade. He always finds new ways to amaze us.

Now on the train to Tokyo, enjoying a green tea ice cream and on the hunt for Masterpiece Hot Rod...



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Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) on iTunes today

Hey everyone,

Got great news to share with everybody! Our new single, Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na etc…) will be available on iTunes today! Now you can take that jam with you wherever you want and crank it! Also, we are debuting our first ever lyric video for the song. We're really happy how it turned out, so enjoy!

I know we've been gone a while, so thank you guys for the constant requests to your local stations, the tweets telling us how much you like it, or in those isolated instances, how much you didn't like it at first and now its stuck in your brain for the end of time! You've helped get it to #1 on some stations, so thank you! Can't tell you how it makes us feel to know the MCRmy is still there to back us up.

We're only just getting started, so keep your eyes and ears open. Dr. D may be sending some more transmissions soon...

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My brother sent this to me today...

and reminded me of this awesome moment. Good times, can't wait to do it again!

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Hello Earth People!

Hey everybody, long time no post! Hope you guys are doing well. Been crazy busy in the studio the past month, working long hours and writing great music. Taking a few days off this holiday weekend, so thought I'd take the chance to give a quick update on some happenings in MCR world. First, a heartfelt thanks for voting for us in the MTV March Madness thing they have going on. Even after being away for a bit, it feels really good to know you are all still with us, ready to strike when called to arms! I'm not sure what it all means, but its always fun to win stuff, so keep voting! I once won $25 on a scratch off lotto ticket, and I can guarantee winning the MTV thing will feel at least 3 times as good as that... Got a new shot of Frank's up as well. Somehow, while shredding the guitar, tending to his family in Jersey, and looking dashing, Frank finds time to take great photos of us while we're tracking. This shot features Doug, our engineer extraordinaire. I would say he's a great dude, but he's been shredding me in Words With Friends! So while he may be good as his job, he is an utter bastard... Speaking of Frank's photos, the first 2 lithos in what will hopefully be an ongoing series go up for sale next week. Be ready and waiting to click the link as soon as its put up, I have a feeling they're going to sell out quick... Tomorrow, we're going to start a run of contests here. It begins with the first annual MCR Easter Egg Hunt. One of my favorite things to do each year is to paint eggs with my wife. Last year we painted up some Transformer themed eggs, so I'll be sure to put up a pic of what we do. So in that spirit, there will be four eggs hidden throughout the site. Find them, click them, enter your username and you'll get the credit and I think win a poster. Watson will have more detailed instructions up soon... Lastly, I will take a quick second to announce my unending obsession with the upcoming iPad. We all know I love gadgets. I probably love gadgets more than air. It will be awaiting on my doorstep Saturday, so after I put it through its paces, I'll put up my thoughts. Thanks for the time, talk to you all soon! Ray

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Congrats Marc Webb!!!!

Getting the Spider-Man movie is HHHHUUUUUGGGGEEEE! Looking forward to see what you do with it!

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In case you missed it...

My big TV break!!!

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Mixing Update!!!

Mixing Update!

Mixing with our good buddy Rich Costey is going great. So far, he's mixed 9 songs, and they all sound fucking stellar. He had an interesting process where he started out mixing some of the looser songs first, and then ramped up to the denser stuff. Our goal in mixing is to make it loud, and then make it louder then that. "Still Alive" was an early one, and he brought a real heaviness and aggressiveness to that song. Song is very drum and bass oriented, very different for us, but still rocks at the same time. A bit of Queen influenced guitar harmonies helps on that song.

"Save Yourself" was another early one, a mix of Judas Priest metal and 80's arena rock. That song went through a lot of different permutations, and finally we settled on this vibe that took us to new territory. We then got into a song called "The Only Hope For Me Is You," and that's where things really starting clicking with Rich. What was great was each song would just sound better and bigger than the last. As some of you had guessed from a twitter thing of mine (I refuse to call it a tweet), David Campbell did a bit of work on the record, and that's one of the songs he arranged for. Costey did this crazy effect with the strings going into the last chorus that blew me away. One of my favorite tracks. (click "read more" for more!)

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And the winner in the Great Whopper Eat Off is...

394venom from Japan!

This poor girl documents the heinous act of eating this burger in its entirety. Showing up to the BK with stomach medicine by her side, she goes to work on the towering sandwich. Like a slow burning 70's Snuff film, watch in agonizing detail as she struggles to finish off this montrosity. From her first bite to the last, it seems like hours pass, but this girl will not give up. After having her fill at BK, she takes it home to polish it off with seaweed and a side of soy. Cold, lifeless, and drained of all color, she reluctantly finishes the meal with a smile, and what i think was a passing of gas.

For her tenaciousness, and her will to never give up, and also for being very Japanese in the way you finished this thing, 394venom is our Whopper Eat Off Champion!

Part I

Part II

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2nd Place In the Great Whopper Eat Off is...

this friggin' guy, Joey! This bearded wonder, who lives somewhere awesome in America, was so crazed about the contest that he went to his local BK and had them create the sandwich for him! Now that's ingenuity, and yes, a little bit insane...

On first bite, he goes in deep, but barely puts a dent in the thing. This gargantuan gorilla burg was more then he expected! After swallowing the first few bites, he compares it to "eating an elephant." Not sure what goes down in his household, but he may want to keep that to himself.

By minute 3, he's picked up the pace, getting through nearly half the sandwich. What an eater! He "man's up," choosing not to finish with a fork, but instead washing the sloppy meat down with a mixture of cola and what are surely now cold french fries. Like a hero staring down the face of a fierce dragon, a crowd of peasant folk assembles. Do they want to see him defeat his opponent, or do they want to see him choke on his own vomit?!?! I can't tell!

Minute 7:20, and astonishingly its down to the final bite. This culinary warrior levels up to another plane of existence, meditating to become one with the burger. Turning grey, his beard having grown longer through the ordeal, he finishes the bountiful beef bouquet, and with that, is crowned King Of Burgerdom in a touching ceremony of applause, tears, and chocolate chip cookies. Congrats Joey! You get a one of a kind T-shirt, a prize pack, and an engorged colon!

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3rd place in the Great Whopper Eat Off is...

PeAcHbAbY1031!!! (man that was tough to type...) Rocking out to the musical genius of Dope's "Die Motherfucker, Die Motherfucker, Die," she sets off to work on an especially messy Windows 7 Whopper. Watch as her first bite causes a flood of meat juice and special sauce to fly out the other side of the burger! This girl has a HUGE mouth, as she stuffs the entire patty mountain in her face, you can imagine how this girl eats at Thanksgiving! Best of all, she lives in the spirit of her chosen rallying cry. This girl "don't need no religion," nor does she "need no prayers," but she may want to ask her mother for forgiveness for what she has done to her body.

Congrats PeAcHbAbY1031! I think you win a prize pack!