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Anyone will to be and accomplise to murder?

all you need to know is a bitch said my best friend was my ex-boyfriend's slut. gonna kill her, painfully....but i can't resort violence, can't resort to violence,....DAMN GERARD WAY AND YOUR INSPRATIONAL QOUETS!

Helena is awesome

I've been pernouncing Helena wrong and now i feel stupid T_T

Thank you for making Fridays

I am sooo done with this week. Sooooo done. Absoultly done. Like i could not get out of the school fast enough. Sunday is rollerskate day so i'm happy (to brusie up my legs) becuase after i skate i get to take a nice really hot bath with epsom salt and check for sprains and/or blisters becuz folks not that good at rollerskating but its still really really fun!

Time flies when your having fun

i realized i haven't been on since my b-day which was awesome thanks for asking and i just wanted to say heys! I got my braclet finally *glares a back-order..ers...* and i'm haven fun. I am in offical love with rollerskating and have like 10 million bruises up and down my legs to prove it. I go every weekend its sooo much fun! anyway me rambling as i do when i get nervouse.

.....cats fighting give me a sec

ok^-^. The lights are out and the party's over.

Its My B-day!

happy birthday to me ^-^! 14 and not a day older! Soo happy. My friend Alicia got me an MCR braclet and my friend Renee got me an MCR tee! they just feed my obbsession!

Ready to move on?

i got burned by this guy and i am a bit weary to date again but i think i can. But i'm not sure who! i mean i want to know them first but every guy i know/like is taken and or my friends crush so yeah


guys i'm groing one year older in...4 days and i was wondering...if my friend gets me something from this site (like she hinted she would) how long would it take to get to CT? I mean i know it won't be there in time for my b-day but would it at least show up by the month?

Just the usual in the life of Kat
idk WTF

i have an idea for a story. Ok so its kinda based off of Killjoys but i wrote so off base and original i guess the only thing killjoy about it r their names which i plan to change but anyway. Ok so get this. My character and her boyfriend are in the desert and were heading towards the city becuz my character got shot with a ray gun and is bleeding to death but then the get pulled over by SCARECROW.

Ok guys i'm offically bored

UGHH! There is absloutly nothing to do! And mum keeps confusing i'm bored with i want to do chores. Sims is malfunctioning, none of my friends r on Facebook, and i really want to go write my story but i feel like i'm writing myself into a corner.

Anyway i have an idea for said story. Ok so its kinda of bases off of Killjoys but i wrote so off base and original i guess the only thing killjoy about r names which i plan to change but anyway. Ok so get this.