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Kiljoy masks

me and my friend are making masks. My friend Alicia is know as Poisonus Octopus. Im Raven Wind (as you all know) and Bethany who is known as Tiger Eyes. Its cool and shit and i made sketches for it

Ah! Lydia shut up!

God why does Lydia always run her mouth?! I had a lunch date with my boyfriend and she plopped down with her lunch and chewed directly in my ear and kept laughing extremly loudly and then my friend maddie sat down and kept glaring at Lydia and attempting to remove her like a good friend. But she wasted our entier date just as he was gonna say something important. i even shoved her when my boyfriend wasnt looking. friends are annoying. and sorry for being so ranting and informal

My teacher stole my boyfriend

Ok get this. Apperantly you can trade kids in a homeroom. My boyfriend just got traded for (no offense) a suicidal maniac. Throughtout the whole day i was ranting on how she stole him and how oyu cant trade people like that. espically when i dont have my phone on me anymore because i forgot it at my dads by accident. That just ain't right!

the picture has nothing todo with it but i like this picture so happy tuesdays!

--------------------Transmission cut


Tarot to-dos: (according to the cards i pulled)
The 8 of cups wants me to call my ex and tell him im a better person becuz i met him
Death wants me to stop comparing my current relationship to the one i had with my ex
the 12 of swords wants me to not rely on my friends so much because the may let me down
and Star wants me to allow my new found hope and happiness prosper

.....i was thinking of my current boyfriend while i drew these cards. I hope death isnt telling me anything else. Why did i have to draw a bad omen why!!!

--------Transmission cut

Umbrella Acadmey

I just got the umbrella acadmey! These past days have been the happiest in my life. I got a boyfriend, comics, a new snuggie. Its all the small things really. I got good feed-back on my poems and i actually feel like i am able to do something with my lfe. I just really wanna start a band and rock out. I may have to get a job though to pay the bills but i really dont care. Well peace out my brothers and sisters.

Transmission cut----------------------------------

I've lost my fear of falling (a poem in lyrics)

ive lost my fear of falling
i will be with you
we're all in love tonight
just like the match you strike to incerate
the lives of everyone you knew
you say you read me like a book
with the pages all torn and frayed
you'll never take me alive
do what it takes to survive
and i will die in this place
the angel from my nightmare
we can live like jack and sally
dont waste your time on me
you're already
the vioce inside my head
and im so sorry
i just wanted to make sure your really ok
to remind me im alone
you will never call again
i really need a talk with you
but i dont feel perfect at all
you say

Phone Chargers (a poem)

alone but hoping
heart aching
i know the all the words to every
breakup song
i know all the scripts of endings
i know there is no such thing as happyily ever after
yet i throw caution to the wind
i accepted our situation
all the while thinking of
and how eventually it will end
but right now im too drunk to care
only you dont date girls like that
who drink and smoke
irony is every breath you take
sarcasme in every word you say
i should look into
a new playlist

Hell yeah, Chemical!!!!!!

this is my hell yeah chemical mood becuz a really hot guy just asked me out and hes really nice and really funny. and likes MCR too. Plus he is really tall which i really like omg omg omg! happy dance
Well after my good news ill send you off with "Party Poison" i find it to be an "Anti-party song you can party to"

transmission cut----------------------
(ps. this means listen to the song and maybe youll get a sliver of my happiness)

So done

Ya ever want to reach inside your skull, find every memory about your ex, then rip them out painfully and light them on fire? Cuz that's me right now.