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Someone Save Us

ok its offical. im screwed and caught in limbo. All my boyfriend wants to do is kiss me and other things. But now i found i want to just talk. i dont want him to kiss me every second yet i dont know how to say no. i keep thinking of ways but every way makes me sound like a naive girl. not at all like who i really am. im thinking of ending it apruptly. not by breaking up. oh no. a much more painful way. he hates people who smoke. so it all falls into place. i just hope i can hold my ground and not crawl back to him like i did with his jerk of a friend. who ,by the way, ruined love for me.

Orphus and Uridasse

We found a tunnel
I found an escape
You found a place to kiss me
I will run away and when i do
I want you to find me
Just like you promised
And take a guess to where i would hide
In our escape
Our tunnel of darkness
The inescaple cold underworld
I want the dam to burst
Like my tears
And wash away all the places you touched me
How do i say no
When my body says yes?


wow. i pour my heart out (which i found i shouldn't do) and all i get is a comment saying that the person loves my profile picture. but then again im lucky to even get a comment. where did all the poeple who give a damn go?! cuz they sure aren't here! sorry but its true. We need to give our brothers and sisters a little more support now and then.

Another Reason to hate life and go to hell (a poem)

The sad part is i'd thought i would get in
I did everything right
except showed my intellgence
now yet another reason to do a favor to the world
and off my sorry self
so goodnight
and so long



1-What color bra are you wearing now?
Black, obviously...and lace

2-Honestly, what color are your panties?
red...well hot pink

3-What is your favorite things in a guy?
Funny and tall and blue eyes and bass player and black haired (i know im really specific)

4-What is your most awkward moment?
I accidently called a band an hot topic... in front of a really cute guy..yeah. fail

5- are you uncomfortable answering some of these questions?


1-what is

I love you

its all i wanted to say

Young Children (some lyrics used)

I'd tell you all my secret
were there not young eyes
and ears
around to see you
my dirty little secret
It kills me
Not to know this
But i've all but just forgotten
what the color of your eyes are
or your scars and how you got them
and as the tell-tale signs
of ageing
a single tear is dropping
Wipe away your tears of blood again
Sprawled on these cathredal steps
sitting out the blood and screaming
"Someone save us"

Death Cab For Cutie (a poem)

If heaven and hell decied that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the nos on their vacancy signs
If theres no one besides you when your sould embarks
then i'll follow you into the dark

The dark is calling me Joey
save me now or forever hold your peace
Locked up tight
With a knife by my side
the only kiss i need
comes from the sharp of a knife
im sitting in a big white room
and theres no one but me

Cover-up (a poem)

to Deeping
to our porch
ask the one who doesnt
wear make-up
who willl tease me
but im just glad we're together
love you

Heaven Help Us

holy crap. I am in fucking nirvana! My life (for once) is freaking perfect. I have a wonderful boyfriend, my friends are all dramaless, and i have little to no drama in my life! If only i would pass my mid-term tommorow then i will scream on the top of my lungs in the middle of time square. i will do it. or maybe i would scream Sing...watever. i'm just gonna yell becuz i am in heaven and if i wake up and this si all a dream then this is the best fucking dream i've ever had...ever....