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Day 5

ok withou a doubt my favorite song from Black Parade has to be sleep. like so much shit is tied to this song. I bawl about every time i hear it

Day 4

fav song from three cheers for sweet revenge....uh...I'm Not wait Ghost of You. Damnit....I have to go with I'm Not Okay (I Promis) and i believe since we are all big fans we don't need a video to remember how this tasty song goes

Day uh....damn...3 i think

ok so sorry im a tad confused on what day i was for a second. Anyways here is my favorite song from "Bullets" listen and enjoy the sexiness of Gee's vioce (hehehe don't tell my boyfriend i said that!) ;P

Day 2

the first mcr song i heard was welcome to the black parade on the radio...only i didn't know it was by my chemical romance so does that really count? i think it does. anyway it fucking rocks. ^-^ i can't upload a video cuz im at school but whatever

My Chemical Romance challenge Day Une

My favorite member....ah fuckits. Is everyone a valid answer? No? ok...well i would probably say Gee becuz i know most about him and can relate to the shit he's going through but then again mikey went through the same shit and frank is just awesome but ray makes me laugh. damn it! I go with Gerard.

Love you

ok so ummmm...i found out i had a huge crush on a gay guy...its sucked. anyway! i got back together with my boyfriend after a huge fight....well it was more me being all iffy and depressed and i got caught with cutting scars and i wrote this on my arm
Loved~Big Lie
and that got me bitched at about. I hate it. Also my best friend wants to hide her eyes because she believes that her eyes are too expressive and i almost slapped her. that is just going too far. so i guess. my week sucked about you?

Hospitals scare me

so now im offically taking consuling from a hospital. the one thing i wanted to adviod. yeah. i wont be posting as often as i do but i think you should know that the next person who makes a suicidal refrence will be hurt.(i.e. "blasting your brains against the cieling is just something your boyfriend does in his spare time, he wasn't alive to begin with) so there is this asshole in my class. i joking recommened the name pink forsted purple kittens cuz we couldn't decied on a team name for jeaporady and he says thats the gayest name he's ever heard.

Car Crash (a poem)

I was there
I saw her
She looked like the girl from
the second album
I saw the car
a burned out shell
I saw the body
Covered in red
She looked like
a girl from
"You Found Me"
by The Fray
Everyone slowing down just
to gawk and stare
the sand was
water still seeping from
the split open
bleeding on the concret floor
The cars crowded around
like mourners
for a wake
or crows
a murder if you will
I cried my tears as we drove on
slowly by
The ambulance stuck in traffic
why why
does every innocent have to

What doesn't kill can only make you stronger
One more time with feeling (a poem)

one more time
with feeling
even when drama is canceled
im drowning in it
im too depressed to smile anymore
im too pissed off to pretend
i cant put up fronts anymore
they wear me out
just like you
Why cant i be perfect
like your stalker ex
who loudly called me a bitch to my best friend
who only laughed along
even she can smile
and be happy
and i just stare into the distance
dreaming of my shitty past that will be the end of me
You and your man-whore friend
burning all my friends
and Alicia's jerk of boyfriend
peer pressure is a son of a bitch