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Let there be light

okl killjoys its now somewhat safe to visit cT though i have no ide why you'd want to come here. its soo cold and soo boring but whatever. there's power again. which means heat which means i won't have to crowd around a candel for warmth.


the title is self explantory. Snow in ct was wiped out my power and now i have to go to a shelter at my school as if i didn't get enough already. this pisses me off killjoys. Stupid winter....and hallowween is canceled. But happy halloween for those in warmer climates

Snow in CT

Ugh i hate this! its snowing up here in new england and already the power has been flickering on and off. I may not be able to go trick or treating. and i know it sounds childish but i'm going as the caterpiller from alice in wonderland and its totally bad-ass


i'm so happy i found out i could blog from school so its between my excel project and this. hopes the teacher don't find out

Skyping With cruches

A couple days ago i found a blog that was talking about a girl who was skyping with her bi best friend and she told her that she had a crush on her. i had to go before i could comment but i just wanted to say that i saw and that i know exactly what it feels like even thoguh i haven't come out to her...yet


Ok get this. Zombies invade your neighbour hood on halloween. your weapon is the item to your right. (it can't be people) what is it and how do you fight with it?


As you can probly guess...i'm new here. so it may take me a while to settle in but you don't care about that do you. What i'm really wondering is if someone will pity the new girl enough to friend her.


Um...hey killjoys. Or hopefully people who are in My Chemical Romance. I was wondering if it was considering plagrism if I wrote a story based on the album Danger Days which is based off the comics but I have never read the comics so there is no way i can copy that. I just want to know that if i possibly publish this i won't get sued.