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Texting crushes

God dammit. Sorry for the language but i'm so frustrated! ok so you all know i have a crush on this girl...let's call her m1 (collecting like terms here people bear with me) and i'm m2. She has a crush on m3 (this kid who i somehwat have a small crush on too). Her friend umm...E3 has a crush on E4 who i also may have a small not really there crush on. I also have a crush on ab6 which is my crush to hide my girl crush since i'm a girl. But ab6 is dating ab12 who i don't like in the slightest but where he gose she goes. Its like a stupid little lamb thing but that doesn't matter.

Happy 11-11-11

So i was in class like i am now and when it was 11:11:11 i threw my hands in the air and shouted facebook event. I got in trouble but it was worth it. Hope your vetrans day is going great. I probly spelled vetrans wrong and stuff but oh well. and sorry about posting School 2 twice. My computer has issues....JUST LIKE ME! *enter evil laughter here* but serious have fun and keep running

School 2

still in excel still bored wearing an MCR tee that my friend commented on (in a good way) and basing most of my project on BOTDF and MCR

School 2

still in excel still bored wearing an MCR tee that my friend commented on (in a good way) and basing most of my project on BOTDF and MCR


Has anyone heard from KilljoysCanCry? Haven't heard from them in awhile. BOLO for this killjoy guys. Thanks ;P

Oscar Wilde

If one more person tells me to be opptimistic i'm gonna snap. "The bais of all opptimisim is sheer terror" said by Oscar Wilde as in all those fucking opptimistis yelling at me are spineless pricks to cowardly to face he socity whit their true thoughts! Sorry if i offeneded anyone but it just frustrates me!


Hey Killjoys! I'm sick and terrible. No school till wednesday and i've lost my vioce for the 4th time this year and am really worrying about my singing carree that isn't existant but still. Hope you guys ain't as sick as i am and hope your having fun! luv ya's bye.

What I've noticed

I've seen that alot of people don't want us killjoys to listen to MCR and it pisses me off. We have a right to musical freedom right? In example, my dad(the bastard) won't let me play my MCR cd's at his house anymore after the whole Three cheers For Sweet reveng CD because he said it was too loud and too expliet.

My friend Abby keeps shoving all these "Happy" bands at me to try and make me more opptimistict but honestly....i have deppression so i can't be always 100% which she expects me to do. She's always like "You don't have to be depressed.

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who doesn't like the prudential sunrise commerical because it reminds me i might not be able to retier? Sorry for talking politics at the dinner table but still. it get's to me when i don't even have enough money for milk.

Orgin of my pic

ok so ya nkow what1 i like my profile pic! no matter how many pricks on facebook say otherwise! This is actually where i first saw this pic but obviously i wasn't able to obtain it.