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Life Motto that saved my life

I sit here and i think about how grateful I am to be alive but the next second i'm planning. Depression sucks the life and fun out of everything and it blows! I watched the movie toast and it makes me think i want to be trans so i can be gay but....isn't that a double negative? It would be so much easier if i were a guy. I'd be able to date the girl i like...maybe my older sister wouldn't hate me. But the thing is...I know i'm not trans so...why? Whatever just have a happy Thanksgiving.

-------Transmission cut


I hate being alone. Its just so...suffacoating? Crushing? Depressing. It makes me feel like i have no one. I hate eating alone. I hate being left a home. I hate being lost because i'm alone. My mum and my sis went to dance class and i'm alone. My step-dad is asleep so i had to sneak on the computer. God and my parents won't let me get a phone so i can't even call my friends. But i kinda...."Borrow" their iphones and i know its all desprate and loserish but i hate being alone and not haveing anything. Another reason why i ahte the silence.

did we win?

Does anyone know if we won the fan war?


i'm getting annoyed by all these vote blogs so just vote and get it over with already

Old songs

I found this old All American Rejects song i listened to religiously and it makes me smile. I hope my friend has this album...i love it. I also discovered the title to a song i love. Savior by Rise Against. The of coarse Pandora played my favorite MCR song ever. DEMOLITION LOVERS!

Candy Captain

Went to the mall today. it was fun. So tierd. Butt-loads of candy. I have atching beanies with my friends which is cool. I dressed like a rocker for a little and began jamming out in the hallway of the fitting rooms and i thought that Lights Out by MSI was playing but it wasn't and i got disapointed. BTW MSI is going back on tour in 2012 just to let you fans know

Talent Show 2

ok guys i finshed my talent show in one piece no broken bones or people falling out of wheel chairs. Yeah! i even got a peanut butter lava cake out of it at friendly's! now off to the mall to convert my friends to Hot Topic. (i don't know why i hang out with people who aren't like me....i'm guessing its the crazness factor that draws us in...)

I am in costume in my pic by the way so yeah don't freak that i would actually wear eyore pj's to friendlys on a regular basis

Burned CDs and Crushing on a Girl

I made these CDs right. I made them for all my friends and I made them with all of them in mind. But i worked really hard on the one for this girl i have a huge crush on....But this is the only CD that doesn't pass the stupid parental Censor check. So i've been planning to sneak in and steal the thing just to show her how much i care. The song that tripped the censor up? Demolition Lovers...because it implies killing yourself. I wonder why they completely skimmed over Cemetary Drive or better yet...Evening Wear by MSI?

bored out of my mind

I'm such an MCR fan i printed out the mission statement of BL/IND. (Better Living Industrys)