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Public Transportation

I'M NEVER EVER EVER GOING ON THE BUS AGAIN! I hate my school bus. We have assinged seats and i have to sit in a roudy crowd who made fun of my sister rather loudly. Pissed i paused my music and turned around and told her off ("Hey! The point of talking behind someone's back is so they can't hear you.") So she gets the increduolous look on her face and she's totally retalates with something that makes her sound stupid ("Well your friend-)she's my twin(-needs to put on make up correctly.

One Year/ Homophobia

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary where within 7 months my life went from the best time in my life to the worst. I definatly did not see myself where i am now in a year. In all honesty i thought i'd be dead. Yesterday was the day D18 (or was it sixthteen? whatever same dude as my past posts) asked me out. That was last year and now i'm alive and happy.

On the bus going home whenever we stop for stoplights people took it upon themselves to drop down the window and call the person in the car next to use Queer, a faggot, and other vulgar names.


If you wanna be a famous band one day, just like mcr, sign your name and position in band and maybe a band name below and repost! And in 1,2,5 maybe 10 or more years, we will see If anyone made it ;D

Lilli-Tiger Thomason, singer, no official band name
Zoe Wariner, singer?, no official band name
Beth Anderson, Triangle player and banjo, The HNNNNGNGGGGGG baconz.
Jaici Shiemke, singer or guitarist, maybe both, no official band name
Hannah Roop- bass player- Break Normality or LPM.
Erin Genereaux-bass player-Remember When.
Sara Kirkpatrick- guitarist- Acting Alias
Kat Elizabeth - bass player &

Saved my life

Hello, this is a signing by you killjoys for my chemical romance to see. to show just how many lives they are saving. im sure they would love to hear(: so sign your killjoy and real name if these are ACTUALLY true statements for you. im sure MCR will be moved<3
-MCR has ACTUALLY saved my life
-they have helped me get through hard times or depression
-i will and am i fan for life
-i know every word to every song
-i have seen you live and cryed and was moved
-your music has changed my life is more ways than one
-the one thing i want to do before i die is meet My Chemical Romance
thankyou for

Does anyone read these?

I've been posting important blogs that i really needed commenting on so i didn't freak!. (except the hair colors) I really needed Killjoy why am i getting none?

-------Transmission Cut


ok if you guys have been paying attention m1 is the girl i like and i finally told her how i feel. Her respons. "Oh...well when people meet me they kinda begin to crush on me. i'm sure the feeling will pass." Yeah about that sunshine. Ain't happening thank you very much. I've been crushing for a tad over a year now so try and tell me it passes. I don't care if you make me come out in the middle of a catholic service just as long as i can have you.

Hair colors

ok guys I'm tossed up between two hair colors. Do i dye all my short hair black or go for Gerard's old Clown red style? I'm leaning more towards red cuz it looks awesome with my green eyes. But the black is more...i don't i guess? Help plz! S=


I HATE IT! I HATE IT! First she has the nerve to move me away from my mini-therapists (my friends) then she sticks me in with a bunch of people who i either hate or don't know. When i demand to know why she says its because she moved people who didn't do so well on her last test, then accused me of not paying attention. I pay attention! sorry that i don't understand a single thing your saying! Well maybe i do not pay playing in my head.

---------Transmission Cut

Is it true?

ok so i heard that Gee dyed his hair back to black form that incredible sexy red to black again? Is it true?


well i'm fine. Ran away from home for like....4 hours. Just to blow off steam. Got in trouble with my sister who picked the fight that made me run away. Really just want to punch her. She told me i was nothing. Told me i was no body. Thank god i had watched that video about the qouets cAuse that's what i screamed at myself to stop from jumping!