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More of the Killstume!

Okiedoke, more of my killjoy costume, my vintage boots from Etsy, that Im going to distress and probably paint up. My killjoy armband made by me and a cool tee found on the Hot Topic 50% off 50% off rack! Jacket photos forthcoming before and after when I get it back from cruiz custom airbrush!
and my distressed jeans from Kohls!

I'm set! :)

The Killstume coming along!

These are just some of the items in my Killstume. I have also a designed and made a bloody spider armband and a jacket that is being made as I type. I found these stellar vintage boots that I am so in love with that are too perfect to describe! I guess I'll just post another blog later and add more photos! I also found the perfect tee at Hot Topic on the 50% off 50% off rack SCORE!

Found a pair of dingy looking jeans at Kohls on clearance that i'm going to distress and that means I just about have my Killstume completed!

Bullet Proof HARDT

Been working on my Killjoy costume, some of it is actually in completed form, like my spider armbandage, and custom driving gloves, I have purchased some cool accessories, but I am designing the artwork for my jacket and helmet before getting them into actual production. Give me your 'O'!
AND I have finalized my Killjoy name to M.O.M.
Cuz... a while back I had a cafepress store when I first had my kiddos, and I had given myself the title Master Of Mayhem... and just recently I thought, well SHIT, that would be a kick ass killjoy name... and it's really neat in the Na Na Na video the

Am I the only one that put this together?

Does anyone remember the Twitter post Gerard made looking for a TransAm?
I'm sure you do, Then he posted photos of the one he bought?
He even made it his wallpaper for a while, well, I actually saved the photo,
dunno why, sometimes I do these things... well this time, it payed off...
This was all way back before the CD was even a glimer in their eye of being done...
I dont think initially it was planned to be the killjoy car, maybe a model for the comic book series or something else... but it is the same car as used in the videos... hard to believe but it is...
I'm actually a T/A fanatic... I

Starland Ballroom Sayreville NJ - Second date added!

Ok ok, so I know I was whining because I was working the day of pre-sale and missed out on tix to the show I wanted to go to May 7... BUT MCR must love Jersey... well thats a stupid comment eh?
Moving on! LOL

I went back to the tour list to see if any had been added after the pre-sale tix ran out to find they were still sold out, only to notice...
Did my eyes deceive me?
Was there another date added to the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ on May 8?
OMG There was!
I typed in the search for tickets as fast as my little fingers could type and to my amazement, there were still available

RE: HAPPY DANGER DAY (Frank's Blog Nov 22)

I loved the entire eloquently worded blog by Frank, I say that from the bottom of my blackhardt.
But the one thing that stuck out, was in the closing stanza
'Embrace your Originality'
if MCR has represented nothing else to me during my entire fandom, it has definitely been encompassed by those three words.
I have never been one to conform to fashion, or anything else for that matter...
I am as 'Olive' in 'little miss sunshine' as it gets. 'Im just being Raven' and fucking proud of it.
If you love me, back atcha, if you hate me, your loss, but you will never wonder who I am, because I embrace


Well of course I had to work today and by the time I got home the two shows I was thinking over in my head of getting pre-sale tix to, were Philly, the likely spot and NJ. A bit of a farther drive, BUT a GA venue. Philly tix were already sold to the back of the orchestra section and Im thinking, if that is flat floor and that far back... not the best prospect of seeing the stage... so I opted for NJ.
I only know of one real good friend in NJ, so I posted on her wall to see if she was going and layed down to read a book and you guessed it I fell asleep.

I hate this!

People who obtain autographs from my chem as well as other bands with the one and only purpouse of selling them for a profit! SOMETIMES they make several copies of the autograph and sell them as 'reprints'!

Some fans who are desperate and may not have an opportunity to get an autograph themselves will purchase these from these low lifes and ya know what? I dont fault them. (The buyers)

Who I do blame are those who aquire these autographs just to sell them to fans!

These are the people who I feel make bands like my chem less likely to come out after a show and take their time to sign