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One of eight hope you like it hun~<3

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Bang bang more shading pratice

Yea girly guy dun has too much to say other than it sucks

Need pointers

Okay! I need to know if her summer design is okay! Cuz Iz like :/ All stuff lemme know if I need to change anything and yea this IS my killjoy (somewhat) and thats what my anime is like Pff i Need to improve I think i might chage belt colors

CONTEST* (has ended

Read on for details: Lol you have to anyway HAHAHA sorry

How to enter:
Send me a message saying you wanna enter
What you need to do:
Draw one of these characters the BEST you can shade it if you want Idc the three BEST PICTURES WILL WIN A PIECE OF ART OF THEIR KILLJOY!!! And if you dont have a killjoy design or killjoy Ill design it
First prize winner: Wins 8 pictures
Second prize winner: wins 4 pictures
third prize winner: Wins 2 pictures

RULES can add your own killjoy along Lol it would be GREAT XD
2. No sexual themes or nudity
3. be creative

Mah friaands

When you dont think your so beautiful you give up on your self :( YOU ARE ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL IN DIFFERENT WAYS NAMES WILL NOT HURT US!!! Were family (ish) in ways... Dont let people let you think other wise! People bully us to make them feel BETTER ABOUT THEMSELFS!! AND This picture was posted because one of my friends didnt think they are beautiful... WHAT EVER god has given you you should be thankful.

Lol I hope they canz adopt me...

If I am breaking the rule I WILL GLADLY take this picture down I hope not to start anything I just love this picture Iz like :D

All up in art....

I love the first one :/ Big thigggggggggghs and 2 one i might redo just to see where thangs go *facepalm* Ugg I worry about my art all too much

Shading practice :

Does this shading suck?! I NEED TO KNOW