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rainbowxskittle's blog

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Working on it XDDDD the shovel is gray and sooo much stuff needs to be colored right

I am writing.....

I am writing a comic that goes along with the song I never told you what I do for a living!!! Amazing song right? Hahaha Anyway These two chars. are the same person except ones a boy the other is a girl. The two end up in the comic, the male trying to kill the female. He kills her once. but she becomes an angel... Therefore touch the angels throat he will be choking her. Haha exclusive for you guys!!! Who wants it to hurry up and be done with? :)
Male: Has 66 piercings in him and has short hair thats scene.
Fmeale: More slick and smooth fur looking with no piercings
Btw they both wear



Need to improve

Want my anime better <3
;( Dead bunny i hope its okay for the second pic bby


Thank you all so much that have given me complements on my art work when i think they are bad. Thank you for not posting any bad comments or anything like it. Thank you to all my fans that just want to see much more i want to hug you all!!!! you guys just make me want to continue my drawing experience.
~Love the thirteen year old

Frank And G

Yea working on ray I have mikey done eventually adding them togther on a stage <3 Man Hope they loook decent ewe

Paint belongs to the creator my art is dat ---->


1) Height? 5'6"
2) Virgin? Yes
3) Shoe size? 7 1/2
4) Sexual orientation?
5) Do you smoke? Nope
6) Do you drink? No
7) Do you take drugs? no
8) Age you get mistaken for? 18... I'm really 13
9) Have tattoos? No
10) Want tattoos? maybe
11) Have piercings? yes
12) Want piercings? kinda
13) Best friend? Emily was <3 brooklyn I guess? Hopes next Lmfao
14) Biggest turn ons? Men who are good looking scene guys EWE
16) Biggest turn offs? Jerks
17) Favorite movie? Iron Giant
18) I will love you if... You love me for me
19) Someone you miss? Emilia

Some shading practice?

Ahhhh fuck I love it <3 Mikey in like this sonic the hedgehog type form? I was doing hand practice on a guitar or bass then it ended up being this .___. Still I loveit. Shading color took tooo long I love them all <3 I promise I will finish your picture DEADBUNNY i feel horrible that I havent yet ;c

Friends of friends... Of friends

Here is whats going on, With me anyway... My friend Hope *no last name mention* Made me lose a GREAT FRIEND! She jokes about our friend that ive lost and I cried over it I want to have my friend back and its not fair Im wanting to slice my throat open!!! (not really just termmmms) But I cant... I dont have half the person I had a month ago... And It hurts No one can see the tears I cry.... I miss you Emily..


So you know when one of your BEST friends moves and she promises you she would never forget you? Well its a lie, She decides to forget all about you or whatever and never speaks to you again... Then she goes and breaks your heart. You love this person and appearently she doesnt love you back..