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Let's give it a shot, shall we?

P.S. I still can't get over MCR's break up.

Decisions, decisions.

One of my biggest regrets in my life was when I missed Avenged Sevenfold's concert in Indonesia 4 years ago. I actually had a chance to see them, to see Jimmy, and now he's gone, forever.
And finally, the band is coming back to town this first of May. But turns out the odds are totally not in my favor, I'm having my final exams during that week. My parents kinda have given me the permission to go to the concert, if only I'm already studying for the upcoming exams.
I really really wanna go, but at the same time, I care about my exams.

Vulnerable by The Used

My class is assigned to make a magazine and I chose to make an album review of The Used's Vulnerable. I know it's almost a month late and all, but I might as well post it here, eh? So here's the album review:

Release date : March 26, 2012
Rating : 8/10

These past 3 years have been a rollercoaster ride for the most famous post-hardcore band from Utah, The Used. From the frontman’s addiction to painkiller (again), a newly wedded guitarist, to an addition of a baby in The Used family; there surely were a lot of inspiring life-changing moments in their lives that they came up with a new album.

MCRmy <3

Thank God for MCRmy.

Thank you so much guys for always supporting each other's back. Whenever I'm having a problem, you guys would come up with a bunch of amazing advices. I couldn't ask for a better second family <3


Do you ever feel like a horrible friend? At this very moment, I do.

What will you do if you know things that will break your friend's heart? Will you tell her/him about it or just keep your mouth shut and see how things will turn out?

I'm Back!

It's been AGES since the last time I posted a blog in my account. With all of those social networks (twitter, tumblr, you name it), it's easier to talk to the other MCRmy, rather than posting a blog here. Anyways, here I am.

I just remembered that I once have (or probably had) a blog in blogspot, but thanks to my stupid brain, I can't even remember what my blog is :s So I decided to check out my account and post a blog here. (It's not like anyone will read this, let alone miss me)

Things have been like a fukken roller coaster for this past year. So many ups and downs.

Neon Detonator

I am a descendant of Neon Angel. I was born and grew up in Battery City. At the age 15, I had to get out of the city, Draculoids kept chasing us, the neons. The Draculoids specifically chased me. They're trying to take my neon lights which have a special power. The shiny neon lights can be transformed into a detonator and blow up the whole city. Fortunately, I am now out of the Battery City and in progress of making a master-plan to save my neon family and all the Killjoys that are still in the danger.

That's the story of my killjoy character. The costume is too simple.

Na Na Na in Simlish!

Here's the Simlish version of Na Na Na!
I'm dying in laughter right now xD

P.S. I think the Simlish version of Na Na Na is the way Bandit sings the song :p

Way Brothers On BBC Radio 1

If you missed the interview of Gerard and Mikey on BBC Radio 1, you can actually download it here:

It was an awesome interview! They seem happy, y'know :)


My Chemical Romance on BBC Radio 1

My Chemical Romance will join Jo Whiley in the studio!