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Enough MCR fans

Alright enough! No more hate on my chem so stop it! they did what they had to do. There is a reason, though unclear, why they broke up. They did so much for us in return show some damn respect! My Chemical Romance, you guys are my heroes! Hopefully I and the rest of MCRmy that feel the way i do will miss you dearly and hope to hear from you guys again some day!

Why give up now?

I don't understand. Just why? they were all a big inspiration to us. Im pretty fucked up atm over this. Didnt Gerard say conventional weapons wasnt the last album? that they were in the mists of releasing one more? At least give it one more try one more goodbye? I saw interviews of Gerard saying he could not wait for this album. Goodnight killjoys. May are favorite life support rest at ease. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and we can not forget Bob though he left before Danger Days released, thank you. You were the light that shined through the dark for all of us.