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Got asked some questions;D

I asked around for a few questions people would ask me, here are the results:

1. Where are you from? Orton Longueville, best freaking place in the world!:D
2. What is your full name? Daniel Eric David Johnson
3. If you could go anywhere, where would it be? America, specifically New York.
4. Do you have a nickname? What is it? Dan, Danny, Cockaspaniel, Monkibo, Spanagram, Homonculus, Spaniel, Span, Daniel in the Lion's Den.
5. What is your favorite color? Green, aweshume colour;3
6. What is your favorite book? Hmm... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
7. Where do you see yourself in 5

29/7/94 - Premiere of the Mask

I did a bit of research, and 29/7/94 is the premiere night of American Comedy Film "The Mask" which features a criminal who wears a green mask, unfortunately that's all I know... I do have The Mask on video though, might have to get it on DVD though as it is quite damaged...

The annoying thing about it though is that this Green Mask doesn't look anything like "The Mask" and actually looks like Slenderman (The guy in the photo) but he's green instead of a fleshy colour...


Even MORE questions!

I was inspired to do questions by my girlfriend, to be honest... I don't know what I'd do without her:P But now I has an addiction to questions and so here they are:

1) Name: Daniel Eric Johnson
2) Nicknames: Danny, Dan, Daniel, Cockaspaniel, Daniel in the lions den, Monkibo, Chicken Little, Shrimp, Whale food, Spanagram, Homonculus.
3) Age: 12 but 13 in May.
4) Single/Taken?: Bacon:3
5) Are you happy with that?: Am I being stalked by a green man? Hell yeah!
6) How many kids do you want to have?: Hmm:l 3 :P
7) What would you name them?: Dylan, Grace and Dominick
8) Do you have a best friend?:

More Questions!

1) Height?
Short. Very short.

2) Virgin?

3) Shoe size?
4 1/2

4) Sexual orientation?

5) Do you smoke?

6) Do you drink?

7) Do you take drugs?

8) Age you get mistaken for?
7 1/2

9) Have tattoos?
Nope, never have never will.

10) Want tattoos?

11) Have piercings?

12) Want piercings?

13) Best friend?

14) Relationship status?
In a relationship, that's right... Facebook shtyale>:D

15) Biggest turn ons?
Hmm... Dunnoh:S

16) Biggest turn offs?
Sugar puffs, damn they're unnatural!

17) Favorite movie?
Pfft, the Doctor Who TV Movie! Problem?:3

18) I will

It's a sign!

Literally, a sign... Not cryptically or anything, the green masked stalker is back and this time he was standing on the conservatory roof, I'm not sure how he didn't fall through because even a feather would make that thing crash and burn to the ground... And he knocked on the window holding up a sign saying "29/7/94"

What's this all about? What's 29/7/94? Anyone know of anything relating to this?! Let me know...


Old Times...

Watching TV in mah room with my mate, and we started talking about REALLY old things... He started moaning at a Power Rangers advert and I was like "Nuu! I practically grew up with the Power Rangers! And... Winnie the Pooh! And Doctor Who of course!:D"

What did you guys grow up watching or listening to, I want to know;D


Cereal =D

I wuv me some weetos! Went through the fair with a big box o' Weetos! Almost threw up, almost lost my camera... Yeah, I still loved the fair though!:D

Has the fair ever come to your town or city? Did you enjoy it? What sort of rides did you go on? Anything interesting happen? Let me know! ;D



So I'm on YouTube and my username is TheGamersImagine, I do challenges, vlogs (Video Blogs) and other general shtuff:P

So yeah, go check me out and subscribe if you want!:
Anyone else on YouTube? Leave a comment!


About Me!:D

Also thought I should post an About Me thing! So here goes:

Name: Danny Johnson, birth name Daniel:P
Age: Myeehh.... Can't say:3
Birthplace: Orton Longueville, besht. Plashe. EVAZ!

Pershanul Stuff:
Fav. Colour: Green, always green.
Fav. Place: America:D Always, Snickerdoodle's sound aweshum! If you've tasted snickerdoodle's, tell me all about them!:D They sound awesome!
Fav. Person: Amber, love her with all my heart:) <3
Fav. Food: Snickerdoodle, they sound awesome! But food I've actually tasted, got to be... My dad's homemade crumpets, they taste absolutely AMAZING!

Scary stuff:

The return of the creepy green masked dude!

Went to the fair, it was awesome :D But I almost lost my camera, which I couldn't live with. My camera is like my lifeline :D I went on the eliminator which is something that goes WHOOSH! Up in a circle, then WOO! Down in a circle, WHOOSH! WOO! WHOOSH! WOO!