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my writing stuff :) blast from the past eddition

so I used to listen to mcr songs and write whatever came to mind
I finally found them and I think ill post some tonight :)


sometimes I wonder why my mom puts herself through so much
she just listens to the stupid doctors no matter what
I hate them all theyre so stupid really
I don't even like pills unless I really want to sleep or if I have migraines
theyre just stupid

problems in wonderland

been told I have bipolar tendencies
it could be true but who knows
my ex girlfriend is the love ive always wanted
ive always been the one to end it
with the fears and depression that comes I feel I have to
but I do love her and I wish I could change and prove it to her
I don't think ill ever get that chance now
and yes I am bi don't judge (I know yall wont)

New apartment!!

yesterday job hunting went well and today apartment cleaning is going well
I just realized I haven't eaten all day and that's a problem
I try to make myself eat three times a day and now being on my own that might be a new challenge

story... long but worth it??

please tell me what yall think!!

Cherise POV

“Emily, wake up! Wake up, Emily!” I try shaking Emily awake but this time the industry has her way too drugged, “Come on Emily! Get up! Its morning!”
I glance over my shoulder and see a drac look into the room. It opens the door and pulls me away from her effortlessly. I try to fight it but im too weak. It picks me up and puts me on my bed saying nothing. I know its expecting me to stay there as it walks out and closes the door again.
I stare at Emily and repeat, “Please wake up. Please wake.”
She still fails to move.

corn dogs and tator tots

that's what im making to eat at almost 2 in the morning.
its been such a long night
a bit of work and then took my sister to the hospital
shes really upset :/


I have a confession
I did something stupid the other day
its a problem ive had for so many years now (since 2005)
I was so numb
im really sorry
ive been trying to be good

would anyone like to read one of my stories and tell me what yall think?

in big need of inspiration :/

well.... mangers suck!

for the record im 21. and im a writer
ive worked a variety of jobs and I must say this one has some of the most inconsiderate mangers ever!
turns out we don't have to go to Tennessee and my managers wont give me my hours back either.
they already threatened my job because of my family emergency and now this...

"valued employee" my butt they can shove it

I was offered a management position somewhere else anyways!

i know its been a long time and im sorry

with Halloween right around the corner my older sister had a great plan!!
her daughter her and I dress up Christmas themed! even with how much I HATE Christmas.
but I cant go anymore. im going to Tennessee for my aunt whos going in for a surgery :/

my chem roleplaying

If there's anyone here who likes to roleplay mcr message me here or even better message me on Facebook

look me up!!