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always trapped

in my mind
my thoughts are my own
no one knows them but me

on the outside
there are scares
people know theres problems

in my mind
there are memories
good and horrible memories

on the outside
there are bruises
not left by me but by them

i feel like a whore
thats the long lasting problem
the thought will never go away
ive tried to run and hide but nothing works

never making things worse again!!

peoples dissapointment makes me feel worse. i choose to ignore it this time. its the only way. if i dont... i dont even know. yeah i broke my no cutting streak at 4 months and 5 days and family and people are mad but i cant change what ive done.

okay i have to go... for how long who knows?

i feel like shit and i want to di simething really stupid so ill stay away for a little while before things get worse

i cant stop crying

the idea alone of losing a friend is killing me inside and knowing i cant do anything to save them is making it worse

if anyone knows notinthisalone HELP please!!!

im freaking out now and i cant do anything about this FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!! D:

youll all hate me but im so sorry

i lasted 4 months and 5 days. thats it. i cut today. horrible weekend and guy at work was an asshole again. im so sorry i couldnt handle it

felt like letting you all know i still exist

i dont know. if anyone ever wants to talk feel free to come to me. if you fear not knowing me go to my page and check out my bio. it says everything.

i want to help anyone who needs it

its an okay day so far... careful dont jinx it XD

im thinking order a pizza and breadsticks while im home alone :D
this days been okay so far :)
might have a boyfriend... scary thought

no cutting 4 months as of today ^_^

yep! that is all!

the butterfly project: My butterfly and what she means to me! ^_^

hi! im cherise drake and this is my butterfly! ^_^

her names Caroline shes 1 and she means the world to me.

ive cut for 7 years but i havnt for 4 months as of the 15th.

My friend Emily is the main reason i stopped cutting but caroline is my strong hold.

the butterfly project helps remind me of that ^_^ please feel free to join me!
the butterfly project