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anyone from indiana??

just bord on my loner day

computer being stupid!!! still!!!

watching SUCKER PUNCH!!! greatest movie ever :D
also computer still not working but my nephews letting me use his!! i love him sometimes.

for the record im 19 hes 18... im not super old or anything XD

my internet hates me

so computer isnt working so im stuck with the stupid ps3

no way am i turning back to my old ways!!!

i have come way to far to turn back to my old self!
if that ever happens... please smack me in the face!!!

guess whos a nerd?!?!

this weekend i finally bought something ive wanted for a long time......


my new favorite quote!!!

"if we were straight we would be perfect for eachother" -my gay friend joey ^_^
love him so much

love this song

it makes my day even though its escape the fate and not MCR lol

broke up with my boyfriend =/

its only been 3 weeks but hes gotten so close. today i realized im only into girls. the idea of actually being with a guy scares me. i cant stand them as anything more than friends. i have awesome guyfriends though just... a boyfriend isnt happening again... im lesbian.

another band saved me tuesday!! WHAT!!!

as alot of people know ive been upset and depressed. i cut again and ive been beating myself up for it. i cant beleive i did that!!! if this band ever met me theyd hate me for sure!
tuesday i was ready to kill myself i got everything settled with my friends and i was content with the idea but then a bands lead singer at this scream show i went to did this speach and unknowingly got in my face. he seriously brought me back down alot. when i thanked him he said i made him feel alot better too. that made me smile so much! :D

so so very true!! lol XD

*text message*
me: hey how are you?
bf: good at a friends house for once and thinking about you:)
me: teehee lol
bf: and how are you... other than MCR?
me: XD so true all MCR all the time... and better than yesturday