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mood: fine

meaning: nothing.

when i ask how are you and you say fine
ill say, "Whats that mean? good, bad, okay??"

yepp no meaning to fine

ive now been given a killjoy name!!

i know wayy late but i could never think of one anyway.


which actually applies to me alot!!
im one of those quiet people but i tend to bottle things up until i explode
perfect name ^_^

thanks KT

stay possitive PLEASE READ... it might help if youre down

when the world has you under its size 10 combat boots stay possitive
when youre super depressed and see no silver lining stay possitive
when you feel theres no love left stay possitive
when theres fighting between 2 monkeys stay possitive

theres always a bigger boot
theres always a silver lining
theres always love
and theres always quiet in the chaos


swimming in a pool of sorrow

how depressingly poetic does that sound?

but on the serious note ive wanted to cut for so long now its no longer funny. yesturday was the first okay day ive had in a long time... and yet there was still fighting. im starting to forget what okay really is. i wish i knew... im so tired right now

today was the first good day in a long time :)

the title says it all. im going to bed really happy ^_^ goodnight listen to this song please :)

story time!

yea im working on my story! 26 pages typed so far

story time!

yea im working on my story! 26 pages typed so far

guess what guess what guess what!!!

im doing good compaired to where i could be. yeah im depressed and feel super fake and worthless at times but compaired to that i could be doing what id normally do with these emotions cutting, pills, drugs, drinking

but im not doing any of these things so im doing okay

yepp people made me mad today

i stormed off and left his house. he understands nothing and gets mad at the simplest thing
burnett: can i have your hat back?
me: no *thinks: i wore it at me second MCR show... even you know that*
burnett: *passes the smokes*
friend: its her turn
burnett: no im mad at her
me: im tired of this *storms off and goes home*

and he still has said nothing XD

(yes they were doing drugs i was not)

so the deal is ive lost two friends earlier in the week... its okay im dealing with it
today my dad saw my cuts from last week... he didnt seem to care much (just act like you saw nothing and every things fine)
and on top of this my uncles dying from cancer... this all sucks so bad

i dont know what to do anymore!!!