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can i please take a long walk off a short bridge?

i feel numb today... i keep glancing at my scars and thinking about how much of a dumbass i am. how better off everyone would be without me.
i constantly try to make people happy but it just hammers me further into this hole im digging...

im sorry everyone

off to bed finally... maybe ill sleep tonight... probly not

have a goodnight all you awesome killjoys and members of the MCRmy. so long and goodnight

quote of the night: "and even though youre dead and gone believe me your memory will carry on"

Im not okay (i promise)... i mean i am okay.. i mean... GOD I DONT EVEN KNOW!!!

i dont know where i am anymore... i have one of the greatest girlfriends in the world and im happier than ever... yet im still suicidal. thats all i think about is her and the next time ill screw up and make her sad, mad, upset, dissapointed... the normal =/

im so freaking scared... of myself!!

the first thing i said when i met my old friend Leah... XD

sitting on the bust shes the new kid im sitting with my sister cus im antisocial and what not... see her sit a few seats ahead of us... i get up and sit across from her

me: hi
Leah: *glances at me*
me: *leans closer* does it speak?
leah: *giggles* yeah... youre weird
cassandra (my sister): *laughs* way to make friends cherise
me *grins*


tired... of everything WARNING: THIS IS NOT A DEPRESSING POST!!!!

i see all these depressing posts on zone 6 and normally ill scoop a couple up and message them about it but i have way too many of my own problems right now (not talking about it)

im tired of only thinking about the next time im going to cut, smoke, drink, or do drugs.

why cant everything just be okay??

things get hard and depressing yes but they get better. dont think about the depressing and bad things so much. think possitive for once in your life!!!

i think franks right hand is always cold... why you ask??

hes always wearing a glove on that hand XD i figured it out!

sorry i was super low.............. now for something happy

i dyed my hair purple (my favorite color) yesturday

really sorry for earlier. im just mhhh

im just a lost soul

hiding behind this smile
some say its cute
i say thank you

i look away and hide the tears
i can cry as much as i want
none of you will ever know

self harm is bad dont do it
im a hypocrite
i do it sometimes

i need professional help
will it happen?

sorry i just cant

i swear if this happens im done with this group

its not anyones fault but my own... thats all im saying about this... the title says it all. i dont need to explain myself when no one cares

listening to my chemical romance piano tributes on spotify

this isnt an add its just what im doing at the moment and omg i cant type at all XD