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alright ill be off of here for a while

i dont know why... i cant handle my own shit so i feel like i cant help others with theres anymore... i love my chemical romance and i havnt cut again in a while so no worries there yet. but ill see you all later maybe love you killjoys and MCRmy. <3

my uncle died... 1:30am

well um i found out one of my uncles died of cancer last night. the way i was told... it was kinda yelled at me when i didnt know yet... yeah that really sucked but thanks to my friend i was already messaging i kept calm. i havnt cried yet but we havnt planned the funeral either.
if or when i do cry i will be alone. im just saying.

bullied for being emo??

if you are and it bothers you sooo much then change fir them! whatever makes you feel better at the end of the day.

im made fun of for it all the time even by friends and guess what im me im not emo. emo means emothing and guess what everyone has them so i guess we're all em o so please jsut get used to it

before i forget... im moving in a month or less.

to all my friends here the ones i do and dont talk to yet,
im moving somewere where ill have no computer meaning no MCR. com so if you still want to contact me please add me on FB (cherise killjette drake) or email me if you want to talk
ill try and repost this again before i move. i love you all

sicker than normal today

not a complaint just a statement... im used to being sick its normal.

im so tired and i cant figure out why!!!

these walls i have built are quickly collapsing and i cant hold them up anymore.
im not as strong as i make so many people believe
sorry for the disappointment

so so very tired!

its only 8:35 here in indiana, America and im so tired i think im going to skip doing dishes and go right to bed. ^_^

so long and good night MCRmy

lifes never pointless... its just really stupid right now

loved ones gone and in jail, friends too far away to see, sexual harassment at work, parents who dont know how to care, more loved ones about to die. and so much more but you know its life and after all the bad theres so much good too.
the people who reley on me are the ones keeping me alive and im always so happy for that.

ill be the one to destroy the world one day!!!

using nothing but a tack, paperclip, and freddie coogers shoe

dont let them win is what im reapeating to myself tonight

i need to be strong but im the lonely 3rd grader sitting alone in the corner again. the only one who cares is the teacher and she still doesnt have a clue nor does the councilor and none of them ever will.

that was then and now im sitting alone in my room. with a choice and my response, no matter how much i try to talk will alwas be the bad of the two im sure

save the girl! dont save me. its too late for me. the memories are too much and no one can change them now