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watchin beetlejuice

this movie is so weird... but i love it :D

new story please read and give me your feedback :)

sooo another story finished and Emily, the girl i wrote it for loves it and now i want to know what all you think. the POV are me, Emily and her sister beth alittle. its a killjoy fanfic.

Cherise POV

“Emily, wake up! Wake up, Emily!” I try shaking Emily awake but this time the industry has her way too drugged, “Come on Emily! Get up! Its morning!”
I glance over my shoulder and see a drac look into the room. It opens the door and pulls me away from her effortlessly. I try to fight it but im too weak. It picks me up and puts me on my bed saying nothing.

havnt said hi in forever... HIIIIIIIII!

i love repo the genetic opera!! if you havnt seen that movie yet and youre semi oky with musicals watch it! one of the characters reminds me of the cross dresser off of rocky horror picture show... hate that musical sorry it sorta killed me on the inside but love phantom of the opera

i was taken down in a moshpit yesturday and punched last week

i love shows so much!! they cheer me up so much no matter what mood im in. ive gone to shows at my lowest and still come out feeling amazing. i guess getting puned in the face and shoved around helps. reminds me how i should get treated and i deserve it too :D

seems like no one here cares... why?

i still do but if i were to say ive been suicidal almost all week would anyone help me? its kinda true but all my friends are having issues too so i dont want to bother anyone about any of this but its okay or whatever... i dont know really.

i havnt been on in forever but ive kinda given up

im not one to give up but thats just it these things happen. i cant stand whats going on in my life right now and im not handling things well and i dont like it. will anything help me? probly not anymore. i called a theripist but im not looking forward to that either


LOVE </3

NO THIS IS NOT A "i just broke up" POST

so one thing you all dont know and i can sadly say neither does my girlfriend... its hard for me to feel love through words only. in my past my mom and dad would say "oh i love you" and then treat me like crap.
i know they love me but words alone doesnt work very easily. i say i love you so carelessly its crazy. i really cant help that but when others say it to me meaningfully its so hard for me to believe it... i wish i could feel love =/


being taken over so i must keep running and dont look back. if i leave anyone behind they can follow, chase me, or find me.

wow......................... 2 blogs and a bunch of spam!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone anyone please boot them off

feel like a creeper looking at other peoples blogs ;D

ever thought about that?

you click on someones name and read more of their blogs and their bio and how they heard of MCR... how creepwe does that sound XD