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well then... not holding my breath

my bf is back with me. so happy about that
but I almost did something horrible with his best friend
I backed out told him nothing was going to happen
I couldn't hurt him like that even when I didn't think he care anymore
things are almost normal between us and then here he goes
decided to like the post about the fling that never happened

why must he do that?!?
oh well he can make the call when we see each other next


the moment i saw my address as wrong for my cupid hoodie order i emailed them saying it was my mistake and they sent one out to my address the next day i was so happy and i still will be even if i don't get the buttons that were supposed to come with it free :D


its just that! I ordered another hoodie from here and accidently put the WRONG ADDRESS im freaking out I hope this can be fixed I know its my own fault but jeez!!!!

i hate the holidays!

yes I said it and its true!
I cant stand them
not thanksgiving (for Americans)
or Christmas I even hate the time of year
could spring come faster please

im hurt... its weird but im hurt

I lost the love of my life a couple months ago
he let me go and it hurt so bad
its one thing to lose a friend or bf or gf
but its different when its the love of your life...

I only bring this up because he looked at my profile on one of my accounts
I completely lost it. I hope he never gets on that site again
I flipped out at him with no second thoughts either. hes upset me and im hurt
um happy I did it

sending all my mcrmy happy thoughts!!

i had such a long day and i hope everyones went well
leave comments telling me how yalls went!
if yall want some new friends on facebook add me there

cherise killjette drake from Goshen, in

have a good night everyone :)

best friend in the netherlands sent me a thanksgiving gift!!!

so I know were not ment to have thanksgiving gifts (an American holiday I don't care for... like Christmas)
I told my friend and she still insisted on sending me one!!
shes the best and weve spoken for the last three years!!
if anyone ever says you cant have long distance friends theyre wrong!!

lissa and cherise friends always and forever <3

cleaning and working today

just that nothing more
laundry is in now and my room will be clean and ready for my week soon :)
have a good day yall.
ill try to post in the evenings after work :)

this wont be a problem once i get used to it

this month has been bad as ive said before
things blowing up mind numb all the time
im not sure how to fix things yet but I do know one thing
I have problems
they all suck with a passion!
but I can handle it I know I can

wishing i could say no

im off to my sisters house
the one whos started all this new madness in my life
and the one who was once my hero
I cant stand these thoughts and I don't wish to be around her for a while
she refuses to answer my questions
and until theyre answered I want nothing to do with her