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I haven't used this in forever. I really miss mcr

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It's so HOT!

Guys I think I'm going to die from this heat in California. It's 104 degrees outside right now and I can't handle it. I'm so excited for winter, sweaters, rain, and not being so fucking hot! D:

David Dowie Costume!

So I promised to show pictures of my Daid Bowie costume for Hallooween. I know it took me forever, but they are here know. xD And I know my hair does not look like his, but I was lazy and didnt feel like straighting my hair. My heor is naturally like that anyway. xD

Catcher in the Rye

So we started reading the Catcher in the Rye in English, and every time the teacher say Pencey Prep, I always laugh and sing Fat and Alone to myself. xD

Having a Boyfriend and a Girlfriend!

So in my past blog I told you all that I fell for a girl named Jordan. But I to tell my boyfriend about how i felt about Jordan and that we kissed. And he was totally fine with it. I was'nt surprised because he and I tell eachother that we like another person all the time, because he kind of likes guys but doesn't. So when I told him he looked a little surpirsed but was not upset or anything. The relationship between us now is like we are still together but I am with Jordan at the same time.

Anti-Homecoming xD

So around 3:00 PM I went to my friend's house and we had anti-homecomg. We kinda had are own party. But I have many MCR buddies, so me, My friends Mady, Nick, Tyler, Jack, Jonathan, Jessie, Carrissa were just in Mady's backyard just partying to MCR. It was so much fun! We all wore our MCR shirts It was amazing, can't wait to do this again xD

Bored in Computer Class xD

Im just sitting in class, bored. I should be doing work but I really dont want to! Looking forward to tomorrow because im going to anti-homecomeing, tis going to be amazing! cant wait! xD

Falling for a Girl

So the title tells it all. So ive known this girl named Jordan since the beginning of 8th grade (im in 10th grade now) and she is always been there fr me and my partner in crime in everything we do. I have a boyfriend and he is wonderful, but i saw Jordan on Sunday and out of now-where i looked at Jordan and thought she was the beautifullest person i have ever seen and i just wanted to run up to her and give her a hug and never let go. then on Wedneday night i told her this and she told me that and Jordan said she liked me too.

Halloween Costume! xD

So I have decided to be David Bowie for Halloween! I'm so excited. I have a part of my costume ready. But it's going to around the Ziggy Stardust era. And my friend told me she will do the make-up. YAY, can't wait! xD I'll show pictures soon. Tell me what your costume will be. haha.
love you all!