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Just wanted to share some art...

I just finished this drawing of Gerard and I'm really loving it. I hate the hands though. Bleh. :P So I just wanted to share because I'm really, really proud of it. Probably isn't too interesting or good, but I love it. :3

Well thanks for reading and pretending to care. xD

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If I had one wish...

If I had one wish these days, it's to fly. I'm so sick of being stuck in this house. If I could fly, I could do anything I want and go anywhere I want. I'd go to my friends who I never see anymore because no one will drive me 30 minutes to see them. I could be free and get away from all my problems. I could escape my life when needed. God, if I could fly, I'd never be in one place too long. I'd see everything, go everywhere, and meet everyone. My only other wish would to have invisibility powers. Because people might get freaked out by a fat girl flying around. xD All I want right now is to sprout angelic (or demonic) wings and fly away. Later in life I would give up my flying abilities for my dream: singing in a band and make a difference in kids lives. Or, really, being in that band that helps people in general. I don't care what I'm doing in it.

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I guess I'm Space Diamond.

I just used a Killjoy name generator and I got SPACE DIAMOND. :P I'm very surprised. I just put my name in but it's weird because I've never had an interest in space or diamonds. xD But whatever. Lol. That's not really the point I don't think.

Okay and now I'm a little...upset. Confused. Ugg. I don't know. I finally told my best friend about what happened over spring break back in March. How I almost killed myself. It was really hard. I feel like I should have told her sooner. Only two other people know and I barely talk to them anymore. (That's not why, though.) Really it came out in an argument. She was getting mad at me for being so obsessed with My Chemical Romance and she was calling them these awful names. She said all they're about is death, blood, and black. I was so angry with her. I never thought she would turn out to be one of THEM. So I had to tell her why they're so special to me. They saved my life.

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Wall of Na

I found my old whiteboard in storage today! I thought my dad got rid of it after the last time we moved but my dad just forget to get it out. xP Well I've had Na Na Na stuck in my head ALL day and I was inspired. Thus, the Wall of Na! :D It's kind of hard to see with the little picture but...yeah.

My right hand is shaking. It started to cramp up towards the end but I didn't wanna stop! I was running on MCR power! xD I really love it and don't plan on erasing it any time soon. Hehe.

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Had an okay 4th of July...

Well, I hope everyone had a great 4th with their family and friends. :) I had a good and bad night...

We decided to spend it with my mom's cousin at his house. He was alone because his wife, daughter AND grandkids were would of town. He couldn't go with. He lives right next to a stream or something so we sat in his backyard which is right on the edge of it and watched the fireworks. They went off like RIGHT in front of us. Pretty sure they were illegal though. xD And the ducks! Oh my god. The pond or whatever it's called had about 30 ducks in it and every time a loud fireworks went off around us they would all FLIP OUT! It was hilarious.

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Childhood Sleep

So me and my family were looking through some old pictures and talking about how me and my sister were weird babies when I discovered that up until I was 7 I constantly had night terrors. Like, almost every night I would scream in my sleep and wake up UNDER my bed. And I'd sleep walk and start talking to my parents all creepily. :P And the best part is that I couldn't wake up sometimes. And when they said that I instantly thought of 'Sleep' and how at the end he's like "And I can't ever wake up..". Lol and then I connected it with the beginning and started cracking up laughing. My family just gave me weird looks while I was having an inside joke with myself. xD That's always a good time.

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"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I don't know, dad. I have some ideas, though. If you'd like to hear them. It's weird -- I always thought I'd be an artist. But the world is changing and so am I. Things are different then when I was 3, sitting at the kitchen table drawing endlessly my fingers were coated with marker and pen.

I've got three ideas; Realistic, semi-realistic, and a dream I've always had been never thought possible. Maybe it is possible; but every dream needs a lot of work.
The realistic: Teacher. Lately I've been feeling like I've been guided in that direction. I'm not saying I want that or don't want it, but it definitely isn't my first choice. I'm not great with kids. :P

Semi Realistic: Artist, of course. But I feel like I can only go so far with that. And then once I burn out on creativity, which happens to me pretty often, I'm done. And that's just scary. But art is something I love. Something I'll never give up no matter what I do.

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Because I Can

Hi there. *awkward intro* So...I'm gonna start blogging here. Why? Because I can. And I love to babble about my boring life. I've got nothing else to do this summer. I just moved and none of my friends live in this stupid little town. I hate it here. Luckily I'm still going to the same school next year, though.

But HERE, *points to URL* I LOVE it here. :3 I'm kind of obsessed. Ask my friends, they'll tell you. They'll also tell you I probably need therapy for such an obsession, but don't listen to them. They're crazy. x)