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Don't mess with chibi Gerard.....

hahaha...yeah. I felt like drawing Gerard as Party poison in chibi form. It turned out better then I expected. I screwed up the background so I just colored it purple. I'm gonna do Frank, Ray and Mikey too. I can't wait to draw Ray's fro! :3
But I have a couple questions for you guys to help make me better at drawing-

Other than the background what could I have done to make this better?
Should I draw the little girl too? (grace jeanette)
Should I draw Korse?
And I know this question is random there any news on The Only Hope For Me Is You music video!?!?!?!

Thank You!

We should Vote....

MCR is in this little poll thing and they're in second. You can re-vote! The question is "Who was the best headliner at reading and leeds" VOTE NOW! :)

Our School's Homecoming Theme is a Masquerade....

haha well... Our school prom theme is a masquerade and it made me think of wearing this. I made it few months ago from a white mask i bought for 78 cents at Michael's (an art store) lol. So should I wear it? because this is my chance to REPRESENT BABY!

I was bored and inspired

I drew this a couple of months ago and never finished it. I still have to draw bracelets and the rest of his shirt but I figured I'd post this and ask if it's worth finishing because My friends told me it sucks and that I should be better at drawing when I'm 14. So should I finish it or not?

Freikin Adorable

I was just watching youtube and I found some pictures of MCR when they were little kids. This is so cute :)

This TOHFMIY Music Video Thing....

OK.... I think I'm a little pissed because I thought the music video for 'The Only Hope For Me Is You' was coming out today. I read it somewhere, people told me about it, and I think Wikipedia had something on it. I've been online all freikin day researching google and youtube for it. Did someone lie? It's 10:13 pm (where I live) and I'm getting impatient. I was just so excited... ;( I hope the band has nothing to do with these LIES. Or maybe I'm wrong and it did come out and I'm acting bitchy for nothing. idc I just wanna know and I'm sure I'm not alone on this subject.

Music Video Release Today?

I heard that there was suppose to be a "bulletproof heart" music video released today <3 but then again I also hear there's a " the Only hope for me is you" music video to be released today too! I know for a fact that there will be a "bulletproof heart" music video but I'm nit so sure about "the Only hope for me is you" music video. I'm so confused and I just want someone to tell me which video is coming out and where I can find it... I have a weird feeling it might premiere on the mtv's video music awards (vma's) tonight but idk if I can wait that long :) SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.

Or is it Just Me? (a story about trying to go to a concert)

Hey I've never done this before so um yeah anyway....
MCR came into my life not long ago actually but I've been living as a faithful fan for about 6 months now but I really got attached to them and figured I wanted to go see a concert. I'm 14 and my parents were kinda questioning letting me go to a concert because I was "to young". So I told them I would pay for it and they were going to let me go.