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At first I loved it. I remember having NaNaNa stuck in my head all day and constantly thinking about a California 2019. I would read fanfic after fanfic and was in love with the whole thing. I would want to blast people with my ray gun every time someone insulted how mcr isnt as good "nowadays" as they were before. However I almost have the right to call myself a hypocrite. Today when I was upset and listening to mcr I caught myself skipping ever single danger days song and realized they REALLY changed.

I've actually decided to do something for once. My parents just yelled at me for grades and the usual crap and then I went into my room angry and with a strange sense of self denial. But i wasn't going to deny it anymore I was going to face it. I'm a lazy ass teenager. I have no will power. My weight isn't pretty, and I can't seem to stick to anything actually constructive. I'm a spoiled brat. All I ever talk about is what I want and me, me , me! Well tonight that ends.

Which Picture Should I Draw!?!?!?!


Hey guys just in case you didn't know..... CHECK THE NEWS ON THIS SIGHT


Best Friends are Stupid, but in the most Lovable Way :)

Haha well I just wanted to say that I love my friends.(most of the time lol) Anyway that first picture is the card my friend made me for my birthday and I felt it very necessary to put it on here. Even though she isn't a fan of mcr she knows damn well I'm obsessed and now I have a new favorite birthday card and a gift card for iTunes :D and the second one is of my friends at a carnival! and the third one is a pic of my friend and I oovooing and he was making funny faces with cool affects haha.

I was watching the big bang theory when.........

There was a scene where Leonard went to the comic book store as in the background of the comic store was a poster of THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY!!!! And I was all "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME!" it wa a picture Dallas and the god saw te president issue... Anyway I just slighty flipped out there haha. I needed to share that with someone.:D

Don't you just love those moments~

when you find someone that has something in common with you. Like I love those moments when I find out I'm not the only one so into something. Like the other day when I over heard my 2 guy friends talking about Pokemon and even though it sounds nerdy I was able to join in the convo lol or when I found out the quiet girl I sat next to was in love with mcr or when I see people shopping at FYE and they buy an anime DVD or wen I see someone reading the hunger games or something weird like that I feel connected. You know what I mean?

Hey I need help please ;)

Ok well I guess you can only help you listen to the band 30 seconds to mars and you follow them on twitter but anyway and yes I know this nothing to do with mcr and you can yell at me if you want but I really need to know what this whole VyRT thing is. I think it's a viewing of their show and you can talk to people from and it has something to do with the world record book. but I'm not though sure so if someone can please explain to me in detail what this whole thing they are doing since their tickets sold out for their December 7 show in NYC.

I have a feeling this website is more spammed than usual...

Can someone plz tell (if it's possible to comment) me wtf are those cameras with x's over them because every time I click on something on this website they show up and I can't reach where I want to go. I think someone said they were called traktors in their blog but anyway How do I get rid of it? please help me and tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this dilemma.

Hey ummm I think we're getting lazy..... we are falling behind and fast! Soon we are gonna lose just Please vote. If it helps you can vote faster when your on an iPod touch or iPad in my opinion but really guys let's not get over confident......