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There never be another band like mcr.....

I've just come to the realization that there will never be another band like mcr. It makes me happy because they are even more special in my mind now, but I'm also kinda upset... What will become of me when they end the band. I know it won't happen any time soon but just thinking about this makes me want to cry. I'm just being paranoid I guess. I want them to last long and stay healthy. :) someone posted a blog yesterday saying pray for mcr and it really got me thinking that mcr does need prayer for whatever they encounter.

My friend bought the Black Parade album :D

Well our favorite store (FYE) was moving from the mall we always go to so there was a huge sale. Well this being my favorite store I should've expected that the black parade cd was going to be blasting when I walked in. I was in m glory and my friend was so clueless lol. Anyway my friend and I split up and she goes to the rap section in the store and I'm looking at rock and alternative stuff. Then we meet up at the end to which I have The Black parade and she has 2 rap albums. Then she said "You know I'm sick of rap." and I said "What!

Some of the funniest GIFs of MCR

If you don't know what a gif is in the first place click the pictures uploaded with this blog and the should move :3 I was on tumblr really late some night a while ago and just couldn't resist but to download a gazillion of these babies. I made the one of ray licking the crayon in slow motion but credit goes out to whoever made the first two :D enjoy

So that guitar contest thing.....

It disappeared! Idk if it was only my computer but it's gone! Was the contest fake or something? Or maybe someone took it off to prevent more fighting. But didn't that end a while ago, cause I remember a girl claiming to be franks sister in law and everyone freaked out and was over dramatic about it. So um was it removed to prevent fighting or was the contest ended?

Do you ever wonder what they would've thought?

Ok, well if we could bring the bullets era (or any other one) mcr into the present time period and let them listen to danger days...... Do you ever wonder what they would think? Sometimes my mind just ponders this 1 thought on how much they've changed. Change is good, but it's just so different :/ I'm not saying its bad, it just stuns me sometimes. Try listening to Honey this Mirror isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us and then listen to Summertime. mind-fucked :3 its been a year and I'm still stupefied lol anyway they're happy and that's all that matters :D

How well do you know MCR lyrics?

I'm really bored and I was listening to some songs and wondering how in the world do they memorize so many songs?!?!?! So I decided to make up this thing for people to guess what song its from :)

1. "But I feel like theres nothing left to do but prove myself to you"

2."You said you'd read a like a book, but the pages are all torn and frayed"

3. "Don't stop if I fall and don't look back"

4. "All the cameras watch the accidents and stars you hate, they only care if you can bleed"

5. "So many bright lights to cast a shadow but can I speak?"

6. "So get the choir boys around you it's a compliment

Dubstep anyone.

I'm not saying whether I like it or not I just want to know other peoples opinion on Dubstep. Please be honest and descriptive of your response :)

Watching an old pokemon movie :D

I've devoted my day today to cleaning out my whole room. Whilst going through old movies I found a pokemon one and had the urge to watch it..... I'm such a nerd, especially for a girl lol. So now I'm cleaning my room while watching pokemon destiny deoxys and I'm very content right now :)

I need your guys' opinion....

Well for Christmas I needed a new laptop, but knowing my family they like to switch things up. Instead I got an iPad 2. I'm kinda getting used to it (im blogging on it right now) and I love the HD screen and how nice an small it is but it's not whaaat I need. I cant download my homework programs to it and I can't do a lot of things.... So idk what to do. My parents said they could return and get me a pc but Im slowly getting attached to this iPad but i dont NEED it. I neeed a pc. so should I keep the ipad pr return and get a pc without the drawbacks. p.s. I hate how youtube is on this thing :P

New Years Resolution(s) List :D

Here's a list of things I wanna accomplish next year that I never bothered to do this year or I just wanna do it! :D

1.Learn How to Skateboard-- it may seem to childish to some people especially since I'm in 9th grade but I really wanna try it

2. Lose some weight!--I need to get in shape for softball!

3. Continue to practice piano and guitar--I kinda stopped when school got hard :P

5. Get a job!-- I need money for the next mcr concert I wanna go to and a PS3 for my dad :)

6. Make the Honor Society-- I applied last year but I lacked in leadership skills.hehe

7. Sing more often-- I take voice