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let's be friends dont be shy

Can you guys help me with a question...

WELLLLLLL...... I'm ordering a Kerrang! magazine and I live in Florida in the United States of America(duh) but many of you already know that Kerrang! is a magazine for UK but if you use airline i can get a subscription :D So I have it all set up to order but I have no idea how to convert english pouds -->£ that thing to America currency--> $ and on the website it says it's £120.00 for the whole year and I'm so confused and all i wanna know is how much it will cost me.... HELP PLEASE!!! :)

I know this is all im blogging about but
Do not get lazy....

Vote until your blocked from the website!!! WE ARE LOSING! 30 seconds to mars has a strong fan community and they are my second favorite band but we must repay mcr for all the greatnesss they have done for us! Lets win this thig again guys!

Brothers ans Sisters we gather here today to VOTE FOR MCR.
Vote MCR for February Musical Madness!

you guys probably already know about this but vote anyways. We are up against paramore which is a very strong community too but we can do this guys :D

Just got in a fight with my homophobic friend...

Well we were chatting on a chat room thing and we had just finished watching the Im Not Okay music video and were discussing the part where frank kissses gerard's freaking cheek.

[10:36:01 PM] Christina : i promise
[10:36:05 PM] Christina : "trust me"
[10:36:11 PM] Christina C: *kisses cheek*
[10:36:12 PM] Vatniss: BBHAHAHAH
[10:36:26 PM] Vatniss: That was the part when I cracked upo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:36:39 PM] Vatniss: Thats naughty tho...
[10:36:42 PM] Vatniss: there GAY
[10:36:43 PM] Christina : now do u know y i always say that
[10:36:50 PM] Christina : ITS FRERARD
[10:36:57 PM] Vatniss:

Everone stop what your doing, I have a QUESTION! or two....

Ok first of all does anyone know if I can subscribe to a Kerrang! magazine in America? I've been dying to get my hands on one of those and I saw it on some newstand website but I really need to know if it's possible... My other question is when mcr said that their new album has a lot of orange in it, doesn't that make you wonder wtf that means! Orange is a color described as "reddish yellow" and it's a fruit (in case you haven't noticed... But seriously if their music relates to the color orange ; since its a pretty random color.


IT'S BLONDE AGAIN! or am i just behind, but i found this on tumblr and i think it was from big day out. ENJOY ASDFGHJKHGFDSASDFGHGFD FAN GIRL MOMENT!

Oh, the similarities!

I was going through all my pictures when I realized that Jared Leto and Gerard Way wear like the same thing sometimes O.O I'm over obsessive.... so i made this out of boredom! :D