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Hey guys

It's been forever since the last time i actually post something here. Anyways, 2013 is almost over, everything has changed, don't know if it's for better or for worse, but everything's different.
Just want to let you know that you are wonderful creatures and you are here for a reason. If you're having a good time, then i'm happy for you. if you are feeling down, remember frerard, and always keep in mind that things get better.
Stay strong guys

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Hi everyone

Woah, haven't been here in a really, really long time! o.o
The new songs are just freaking awesome! Favorites so far are Boy Dvision and Ambulance.
Hope you are all doing fine, and uh, yeah.
Here's Mikey smiling(clickonthepic) yay.

Love,Butterfly Killer.

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poor Gee..... bad Jared! bad bad jared! xD

-butterfly killer

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To: All of the awesome people in the MCRmy

You are one of the best people I've ever known, because somehow we help each other when we need it .
So, um, I just wanna wish you a merry christmas and tell you that....

~I love you ♥
Ich liebe dich ♥
Los quiero ♥
Rawr ♥
Je t'aime ♥~

xoxo ~ butterfly killer

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.....After a year of having my beautiful guitar, I'm learning how to play it.
The first picture, is my beautiful guitar. Her name... G-j Frankie. G-j for Gerard Way and Jared Leto, who are my favorite song writers, and Frankie, for Frank Iero, becuase he is my favorite guitarist (:
I feel happy xD It's like I play a chord and I start giggling. xD

~Butterfly Killer ^_*

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I hate when this happens -.-

Yesterday I was listening to "love the way you scream" by Asking Alexandria (video up there) , when a friend comes and says " I love that band!" .. and I'm like "Really? Since when you know them?" And she says "Since now! The singer is handsome!" And I say "Then you don't love them, you just love the singer..." And she is like " Whatever" ..Then I play "Sexting" by Blood On The Dance Floor . And she says "Oh my god! This is awsome!" and started dancing.. And I say "Are you listening to what they are saying?" And she responds "No, but this song is awsome for dancing!" I just turn off the music and get out of there.
The thing that I hate the most, is that she started looking for screamo bands and now she is like "I love screamo with all my soul!" ... and she just told me she is listening to them because she thinks all screamo singers are handsome ._.

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:) i'm actually happy ... for once in a long time

So um.. today is my birthday. And because of that, my nightmare before christmas collection .. is bigger now! Yesh.. I FREAKING LOVE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! O.O And I'm extremely happy because my brother came back from his business trip to see me :)

The new Black Veil Brides' video came out today!

And just 12 more days for halloween!! yayyy :D ( and Frankie's birthday!!)
Also 8 more days for bryan money's birthday! :D

Butterfly killer ^_*

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it's official

I have an obsession with that song. I can't stop listening to it!!! >.<

"yes i will see you through smoke and flames on the frontlines of war
and i will stand my ground until the end till we conquer them all
so i will fight my battle till i fall and i conquer them all,
till we conquer them all!!!!"


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uummm... i suck at making titles :p

I write this poem time ago.. sooo.... hope you like it :)

Last time I saw you
you were in a coffin
surrounded by the ones who loved you.

Happiness is missing
I just found emptiness..
is darkening my eyes.

And though you are still with me
I miss you holding me
like the baby girl I used to be.

You haunt us in our memories
bringing back the good times,
all the hearts you left behind
are carrying on with you in their minds.


~butterfly killer

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first i was all scared of the clown (yeah i'm afraid of clowns!!!) then she began screaming and i was like woaaaa :o and then she started singing and i was more woaaaa :o then the song ended and now i'm having a little obsession :) but just a LITTLE one :D