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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Yesterday i went to my first concert! I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra and they were amazing. In one word, Lights, and lots of them. I was really far up, but it was still a great show. i would have put up one of the videos i took, but i accidentally deleted, so hopefully the picture is good enough. One of my favorite songs by them is "Wizards of Winter" i think i put the url so you can see that version of it, hopefully you like them like I do!

SuperNatural anybody?

I am in love with this show, along with how i met your mother and psych. oh Sam and Dean. can't forget Cas

Ukulele Help?

Hey guys for the past few days i have been trying to learn the intro to "Nanana" by MCR but i don't know the tabs for it. Does anyone know it, if you do can you please tell me or tell me where to find it. Thanks. and happy belated Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! And can someone tell me what this means?

hey guys, hope ya'll (yea i'm in Texas) have/ had a great and safe Christmas. i got two Mcr shirts and three felt picks for my Ukulele. But i'm pretty new to mcr so can some one tell me the meaning behind the pictures on the shirts? One has a car on it and says "drive it like you stole it" i have never heard that term before from them. the other i think i get, but it has a skeleton on it with a parade hat on the ground. so yea. Have a great Christmas killjoys . PS. DON'T FORGET TO WATCH NANANA AND TEENAGERS ON YOUTUBE SO IT CAN GET AS MANY VIEWS AS IT CAN TOMORROW!

12-26-16 watch NANANANA and Teenagers

hey guys if you have been on Youtube recently and watched basically any MCR video then you saw the comments saying to watch the NANANA music video to make it get as many views as it possibly can. The most watched music video of theirs is Teenagers so i have been watching both of them. Make sure to watch the NANANA and Teenagers music video as many times as you can (CLICK REFRESH NOT REPLAY AND DON'T BE LOGGED IN, OR IT WILL ONLY COUNT AS ONE VIEW) you can type "repeat" after Youtube in the url so it can play on repeat.

Guess what movie i watched

Hey guys. Yesterday i watched Thor and absolutely loved it!! if you haven't watched it , you need too. Loki was so awesome i loved it. Another movie i watched was a romantic comedy, "About time" and oh m gosh, i absolutely fell in love with the main character's personality. i really wasn't to meet a guy with that personality. i suggest both movies to you guys. i really want to see " Catching fire" too, how is it ? well got to get going, bye

Winter Break

Hey guys!!! who else has a whole bunch of reviews to do for mid terms? Ha i know i sure do. Everyone stay safe and have fun during this break. And whose is ready for December 21? WATCH NANANA AND/OR TEENAGERS ON DECEMBER 26 AND BEFORE SO IT CAN GET THE MOST VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!
stay safe killjoys

Anyone Else???

Hey guys! So i recently found out i have hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) And what this does to me if i don't take meds for it is - gain weight, get cold easily, raise cholesterol, anemic, pale (for me it was yellowish) and other things. What i want to know is if there is anyone else here who has that or the opposite (hyperthyroidism) that i can talk to? No one in my family understands and leave me alone. Thanks guys. Have an awesome Winter Break (if you get those) stay safe and stay yourself.

Heart broken

Okay so I've have never had a boyfriend or been in any relationship so i never understood when someone would say their heart hurt and what not. But now i get it!! It just hit me that MCR is really gone (but lives on as an idea) and i wanted to cry so much and my heart did hurt. Man if i ever get in a relationship its gonna suck when i feel this horrible again. I never got to even see them at a concert because i only recently started listening to them :( well live strong Fellow Killjoys

MCR shirt. obsessed?

Hey guys!! Guess what i finally got my first My Chemical Romance shirt and i am going to wear it to school on Monday to show it off!! Because i am still new to MCR i'm kinda obsessed, but it's ok to be obsessed with something that is this awesome! i wish someone had told me about them before they stopped preforming so i could go see them and thank them. Also can someone explain to me what that cat smart thing that recently went on cu as i said i am new to this so i'm not sure if that is like an old thing i don't know. well look alive sunshines, your fellow killjoy :)