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May Death Never Stop You

Hey guys!!! i've never bought anything online so i'm not really sure where to start. But can someone tell me what to do for tomorrow to pre-order the album? And where to go? Thanks Killjoys, Stay Strong


Hey guys How you all doing? Good i hope.Well because of some medicine i'm taking i have to get blood drawn every few weeks. And to make a tradition i am going to listen to Blood by My Chemical Romance every time i have to get blood drawn. Wish me luck. Have a fantabulous day fellow killjoys!


Hey guys just wanna wish those people who are taking exams today. Relax, do your best, and you will do fine. Hope you all have a great day and remember you are all awesome. good luck Killjoys :)


If you hate allergies and you know it, clap you hands
If you hate allergies and you know it ,clap you hands
If you hate allergies and you know it, then you're face will surely show it
If you hate allergies and you know it clap you hands

Well today has been a rough day with allergies kicking my butt. Stuffed up nose itchy and watery eyes, oh and can't forget itchy ears/ throat. Who else hates allergies as much as i do?

Call the Police- This Good Robot

Thanks to The True lives of the fabulous killjoys comic i found this band and really like this song. Just thought i should share :)

Watch, if you want. i thought it was so funny

Hey guys i thought this video was hilarious and wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you think it's as funny as i did, :)

WKUK? sorry beware of cursing

hey guys this is a video from WKUK but couldn't find the original one. i think its so funny, hopefully you do too. beware if you don't like a lot of cursing. "How Abraham Lincoln really died"

ughhh :(

anybody know any home remedies for stomach aches? First day of the new year and i'm feeling sick :( hope you guys are having a great day.

Happy New Years!!!!

Hey guys hope you guys have a great new year!!! I really hope i do. I don't think i have any new years resolutionss so but the usual. hope o become more confident in my self, make a true friend, and learn to play the guitar. what are your resolution, if you have any. Stay safe and have fun.


I am a huge dog fan (would be cat one as well, but i'm highly alergic) and this is my dog Sofia. She is one of those dogs who feels the absoultue need to be petted all the time. I love it but while i'm doing homework she climbs all over me and rips all the my papers with her paws. Anybody else have a pet like this? dogs are awesome (so are all other pets) if i go to a party and they have a dog, that is where you can find me.