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GradualReport: Break ups

i always found this video so funny, so i hope you guys can too :)

IT CAME!!!!!

My Package came!!! i am so happy i am going to listen to this as much as i can!!!!

Just watch, please

this song is soo powerful and beautiful. My friend recommended it to me and i recommended to all of you guys/girls.

First Concert

Well on Monday i went to my first concert (technically second, first was Trans-Siberian Orchestra) at the White Rabbit. i went to go see Divided by Friday but i got to see some other really awesome bands like Ghost Town, Jonny Craig (His voice is beautiful!) and Breath Carolina. I was so nervous. Because i couldn't go alone i had to go with my dad. I really enjoyed the concert but i felt so out of it and awkward. Everyone (to me) looked so cool. i loved their style and their hair, i feel like i could never pull it off, even though it wouldn't be allowed at my school.

An off day

well today i woke and i was thinking hmm that was a goo res and today is going to be a good day. WRONG! During second period (probably 3 or 4 period for normal high school) and i was feeling horrible, i was on my cycle ,been going to sleep around 12 to finish homework, and and a whole bunch of test the previous day. so on my way to the restroom my vision started going black. I was super scared because this had never happened to me before. the EMS ended up coming and i missed school. Turns out i was dehydrated and everything turned out well.

Oh jealousy...

sorry if you don't care. but i just really wanted to get this off my chest. i have two sisters who i feel are soo much better than i am. sure i go to a magnet school but that's it. i'm not on the jv tennis team or on the varsity jrotc team. i'm not pretty and funny like they are, i'm awkward and chubby. I don't have best friends who i always talk to, or who invite me to parties. they have both been in relationships while i don't even think anybody has found any interest in me.

Super Bowl

watching half-time show... and dang Bruno Mars. Hope you all have been hving a great day! Stay strong Killjoys!!


if i were to pre-order the abum where would i go? would it be in goods?


if i were to pre-order the abum where would i go? would it be in goods?

Greatest Hits Album

I have to wait till 9 and i won't even be here, i'll be at school :(