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Opening up about myself

Hey killjoys, its been a long time and a lot has changed. Since the break up I don't think I have been on this web site because I guess things just weren't the same and that really brought me down. But now im in need of my MCRmy Family again so a comment or a message would be great.

I have been recently trying to come to terms with my being gay after an experience out on my first lads holiday confirmed what I hadn't been unsure of for a good 2 years. While the experience was good and I do not regret it, it has led to a few people finding out about me before I thought I was ready, both are my friends and have been really good about it but I cant help but feel no matter how much they try to reassure me I keep having they's extreme spells of self hating because im gay.

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MCR hair

well killjoys just an update i have over the past year started not intensionally colouring my hair (because i have become adicted to diying my hair) the same hair styles as mcr, I went jet black and long (gerard in three cheers style), long and red (gerard danger in days style) i should probs point out my natural colour is brown like gerards in the deadmouse calaboration blonde like gerard did a while back and now im wait for it

Blonde and black (Mikey way danger days style)

so my question is to you killjoys what style should i go next? let me know in the comments and keep running - Psycho Sound

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Psycho's Back!!!!!!!

Thats right killjoys the Psychotic Swordsman is back. My god its been allmost three mounths since i last posted on this site, ive missed you.

So let me bring you up to speed on the last few mounths
1 died my hair red
2 school threatened to suspend me for dieing my hair red
3 died my hair black
4 grew my hair long
5 pissed off my mum by growing my hair long
6 cut my hair short
7 died my hair blonde
8 oh and i recently nearly lost my best friend because the girl he liked turned him down because she fancied me, that was one hell of an akward week

Now back to you MCRmy, im curious to find out what everyone else has been up to since i have been gone and allso HOW EXSITED IS EVERYONE ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM let me know in the comments below..

Keep running killjoys
This has been Psycho Sound

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If you know what this is your my new best friend XD

Being from wales i have no idea what the fuck they are saying but i do know what is going on in this vid, and if any of you know as well add me because i am currently obsesed with it right now.

Now this vid made laugh so much even though i dont know what the fuck their saying >:) and if you find it funny its probably because you get what its about.

ALLSO before you all go following the link and googling it, i want you to hazzard a quess and leave a comment first and ill post the answer later

The Challenge Is On - Psycho Sound

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Oqward as Fuck

Well today killoys i did something that now thinking about it was kinda creepy. It started today when i met my best frends girlfrend for the first time, now i dont know what it is about me but i get really wiered when im around couples. Anyway we met and everything was ok she seemed to like me, then the two went on their own to the park (guess what for) while me and some other frends did some stuff else where. Eventually he txted me saying he wanted to get some food and should meet him at the park, so i did and this is were it gets wiered.

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Danger Days Dying

Well its been a good few months since i last posted so i guess now is as good as ever. With the re-boot of this fabulous web site now arrived i quess we can put that down to the fact that the danger days era is coming to an end, the killjoys are slowly dying. This has really put me on a downer because depite loving all of MCR music Danger Days was the first album i really felt a part of because i got the chance to join this web site, become a killjoy and meet all they other mcr fans from around the world and its was a great run. I mean i mist out on the black parade genaration, i mean i really only got in to black parade after it all was over and i heated that. Now danger days is ending and i cant help but feel like i have mist out again and i dont know why.

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Lonely Me

How is it when i have two sisters a brother a hugh family and plenty of friends do i still manage to feel so lonely. Littrely any time when im left allone with my thoughts i start to feel really lonely in a wiered way, how is it i can be sorounded by people and yet feel so alone its uncomfartable.

Does anyone have anything to say that may help or feels the same, i could do with some frends right now who know how i feel.

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Stolen with a few Extras

Put your iPod on shuffle and see what the Soundtrack of your Life would be.

Opening Credits: Famous Last Words - MCR

Waking Up: The End - MCR

Falling In Love: Rebel love Song - Black veil Brides

Fight Song: NA NA NA - MCR

Random Montage: Basket Case - Green Day

Breaking Up: I Dont Love You - Pink

Life’s OK: Closer To They Edge - 30 seconds to mars

You Vs Nemasis: Invaders Must Die - Prodogy

Angry Break Down: The Sharpest Lives - MCR

Getting Back Together: Bring me to Life - Evanescence

Wedding: Kings and Queens - 30 seconds to mars

Birth of Child: I dont wanna miss a think - Aerosmith

Final Battle: Welcome to the Black Parade - MCR

Funeral Song : Photograph - Nickleback

End Credits: You cant stop Rock and Roll - Twisted Sisters

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My chemical art work 2

Hey killjoys just some more of my MCR inspired art work. Whould love to know what you think so leave a comment all comments welcome

The first is a recreation of the black parade album cover with a welsh flag, i did this using spray paint and stencils on a canvas. Funny thing is this piece is not actually finished its been on half for about a year, i quess im just lazy and cant be asked to finished it.

the second is two records one of wich i cut with a lazer cutter then sprayed yellow in the style of party poisons logo then mounted on a nother black record. I whould have done all four logos and the BLinds logo if it werent for the fact that a vinl record in a lazer cutter releases colrin gass. Acording to my desighn and tech teacher nocious gass is a good reason not to do it again :-I wich is fucking anoying because the finish piece is epic, and i whould have loved to have had the full set.

So let me know what you think killjoys, all comments are welcome. :)

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Vamps or Wolfs

i just watched a video where mcr were in an interview and they asked werewolf or vampires, gerard and frank said vamps and ray and mickey said werewolfs. Who do you think is better?

personally for me its werewolfs, Wolfs are epic