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Is He The One?

There's a question that has always been on my mind and the answer I believe to be difficult to answer... How do you know the person you are with is Mr/Miss Right?

I have recently started dating a man and too be completely honest I am scared to what my future will be. I am scared because growing up I was always a loner and the guys I had crushes on ran a million miles away from me after I have expressed my fondness of them. I am questioning what this guy sees in me. However, I like him and I am very interested.

Scared, Excited, Happy

I am scared to go to work. Its my first job and it will be my first day and I am excited, but I'm scared and I am happy. I hope my first day is a good one and that I am able to help customers and perform my job well. Wish me luck MCRmy!

Some new Mikey Photos - and he does smile. He has a beautiful one.
Wearing Red in Daniel's memory
Daniel Morcombe

Just so international people understand this story in case you haven't heard it. 8 years ago, Daniel Morcombe (pictured) was abducted and murdered. Police, his family and Australia have never gave up hope in finding the person responsible nor had they ever gave up on finding his body. Well, a man, after 8 years, has been arrested and charged. They have not yet found his remains. But this is a reminder of how cruel people can be. Parents keep your children safe and kids if you go somewhere tell your folks and always travel in a group.

Let's find his remains and bury him with dignity and allow


Just got an email from WMG confirming that my Kobrs Kid jacket is officially on its way over to me! I wonder if I'll turn into Mikey Way by a magical piece of fabric that is combined with the jacket ... only time will tell... lol. But I hope I just stay me :)


Paramore burst into our iPods in 2004 with a slick and anthemic rock n roll sound which helped catapult the band to stardom. Paramore's melodies and songwriting talents and youth attracted a young group of followers and they soon released All We Know Is Falling with their label Fueled By Ramen. With the record released came a string of shows from Bamboozle in NJ to multiple shows on Warped Tour and through to playing shows with bands like Simple Plan.

It wasn't long until the release of Riot!


Warner Bros. Customer Support people... answer my email please! I have been waiting for days to get a reply... and I cannot afford a friggin' international phone call! All I want to know is if my order for the Kobra Kid jacket has gone through or not because I am not paying for the same thing twice if it has!

Thankyou, have a lovely day.

30 Day Band Challenege - #29: Nicki Minaj

Now I am not normally into rap but hey if it is good I'll listen to it. Nicki Minaj has defnietly caught my attention.

Nicki grew up in New York in a troublesome household. Working in a clerical job she devoted her spare time to a potential career in the music industry. Nicki started singing background vocals for local rappers, however, wanting to shine more the bubbly singer started writing her own material.

It wasn't too long before Nicki would be noticed, especially when she uploaded her material on Myspace, by Dirty Money CEO, Fendi.


I am officially a uni student!

I am studying a Bachelor of Communication online via Open Universites Australia provided by Griffith University and I start on the 29th of August!

I cannot describe in words what this means to me. I come from a poor background and thought obtaining university would be only a dream. But I am sitting here right now, proud, that I am a university student!

My future is turning on a light for me.