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Why are there stupid sales posts in Zone 6?

I have just logged onto my account to see what the Killjoys are saying in Zone 6 and all I see is somebody advertising gucci and shit - like seriously fuck off! There was one decent post in the entire timeline of a Killjoy expressing her love for art and the three pics she took of mcr at a show...

Child Protection Week PLEASE READ!

For some, life as a child was the most memorable moment of their lives. They had the freedom to explore and the happiness that childhood is supposed to bring; they had opportunities presented to them because of parental guidance; they had moments in their childhoods that they most likely still remember to this day and share with their own wife and kids, and most of all, when times were arduous or desolate they had a family – a mother and father to protect and to be strong for them – to turn to.


What will you be doing to celebrate Mikey's 31st? [I will be wearing my Kobra Kid jacket with Mikey Way Pride]
What has Mikey inspired you do to? [Be myself]
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen him do or heard him say? [When he had an interview with an Australian radio, everything he said was funny]
What is your most memorable thing about Mikey over the last 10 years? [When he had glasses]
Has Mikey had you cried, if so how? [The closeness he has with Gerard, I wish I had that with my sister but I don't]
If you could give Mikey a present what would you give him?


So I had a lovely present in the mail this morning. It was my Kobra Kid jacket and I LOVE IT! It fits well and is so fucking comfortable to wear :)

Pedicone and MCR

At this point of time, it is okay that we feel pissed off and, betrayed, if you would. However, one thing that I have learned through life is to forget the little issues and problems that stare us in the face and continue to walk further into the future. What I am saying is that, once all of our emotions are drained and we have calm down we should let what has happened go and focus on the wonderful bright future of our MCR family. Michael Pedicone is an asshole for what he did and I am happy that there is a result where he is out of our family for good.

Hurricane Irene


To all Killjoys bracing for Hurricane Irene, good luck and stay safe.

3 Things To Share!

So, first thing. I am anxiously awaiting the day that my jacket arrives and I can finally wear it and see if I will magically ttransform into Mikey Way (hahaha). But I have wanted this jacket for so long and it should hopefully arrive in Australia very very soon.

Secondly, I meet one of the most influential people in my life on the weekend. As you know I am a huge sports nut and racing is in my blood. Yes, MCR are very influential on me, but this guy, indirectly, kept me motivated to stay active and fit. And because of that, I lost a hell lot of weight.

Rain, work, sunshine, rain = FUCK MY LIFE!

So, I had to work in the pouring rain today. It is winter here in Australia, it was cold and it decided to rain. All I am waiting for now is that nice sickness we call a 'cold' to come and bed-ridden me for a couple of days or weeks.

Me and Bunny

Just by the way, I have been informed Mikey has a cat called Bunny (which I honestly didn't know of because I am not a stalker who knows the names of Mikey's pets) So yeah, not Bunny Way... this is Bunny Small :)

What Is Life Without Courage?

Everywhere I go, I hear people off this site, on twitter and facebook saying that they aren’t good enough to reach their dream or saying that there are people in their lives stopping them from doing what they love.

I was once that type of person. I love music and wanted to be a lead singer to a band and my family laughed at me and some of my closest friends did as well. However, they had never heard me sing and when I did they were a lot harsher on me, they even confirmed to me I had a voice. But no one wanted me to use it. But I sang louder and now I am in a band.
The same thing occurred