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The Bucket List so far (and a random picture of duckings)

My Bucket List

• Get a job
• Complete my Bachelor of Communications
• Buy a car
• Buy my dream car (HSV ES2 GTS)
• Move to the city
• Holiday in Melbourne
• Holiday in New York
• Holiday in LA
• Go see My Chemical Romance
• Holiday in Italy
• Holiday in France
• Go to every V8 Supercar event
• Go to a Formula One event
• Go skydiving
• Go to an Indycar event
• Get a job in journalism
• Play in a band
• Write a story of some sort
• Go on a game show
• Buy something designer
• Meet a really famous celebrity
• Get some tattoos (preferably seven)
• Get my lip pierced
• Holiday in Japan
• Go

Had a pleasantly weird dream (?)

I dreamt last night that Bob Bryar was invited back to the band. It was a band rehersal and Bob was a Teen Wolf. Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank were not at all phased by the new look. Then, the boys were doing a MTV interview and Bob was eating producers, tech people and eventually the host as though he was Nibbler from Futurama. Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray were still not phased by it. The last part was when I met them backstage after winning a compeitition and they asked me to join their Darth Vadar Fan Club.

I'm going to make a Bucket List

Just because I want to.
I like having goals to complete :)


I am so excited because Phillip Island is on today! I am a huge huge motorsport fan and I am so happy that the endurances races have begun! :)

Stolen Quiz

[1] Are you bi?

[2] Where was your Facebook profile picture taken?
Coates Hire Ipswich 300

[3] What is your middle name?


[4] Do you have a crush?

celebrity crush, dose that count?

[5] Does your crush like you back?
he's famous, so i doubt it

[6] What is your current mood?

Relaxed and refreshed

[7] What are you looking forward to?


[8] What makes you happy?

sport, spur of the moment actions, music

[9] Look at a poster in your room, who's on it?
I have no posters in my room

[10] What are you not looking forward to?
Exams in November and December


The Technology world is scary...

Ok I am studying technology as a part of my university course to be a broadcasting journalist and I have to admit all the technology in the world is starting to scare me. How did humanity go from using their natural instincts to relying on technology? I know I wouldn't be able to write this blog without all the advanced technology, but I am sure allowed to vent my fears and opinions. All I keep thinking in my head is that the Earth is going to cause a black hole or that something like Terminator will become a reality.

Remembering Those Lost 10 Years ago...

It was on this day, exactly 10 years ago, that I woke up from my bed and started to get ready for school, only to see a building that I didn't know come under attack. I was too young to know what the world trade centre was, I was too young to really understand what was happening but now that I am old enough to understand it, I am dumbfounded by the events and tears stream from my eyes as I think about those people who died and their families who suffer from it till this very day.

It was unbelievable that something like this event has happened.


I would like to wish Mikey Way a very huge happy birthday. I hope that he has had a great fantasic day, and I hope that the guys have spoiled him rotten (especially Gerard) :) . But more importantly, to all Killjoys who are going to the show on his bday wish him a happy bday!

Happy Birthday Mikey! <3

I like answering questions :)

Time Started:


March 5

older sister

Eye color:
its a greeny blue colour

Shoe size:
7 1/2


What are you wearing:
jeans, newcastle knights shirt and my kobra kid jacket

Where do you live:

Righty or lefty:
I am a righty

Can you make a dollar in change right now:
yes i can

Who are your closest friends:
Chadam, Mikey and Will

Best place for a date?
hmmm... somewhere entertaining

Where is your fav place to shop:
MCR Merch Store

Favorite kind of plant:
Daffodil and Lavender

Fave Color:
red and green

Fave Number:

Fave Boys


I still remember the first time I heard My Chemical Romance as if it was yesterday. However, my very first encounter with their music I never realised it was them - I was simply bobbing along with the rhythm and beat, while on the way to the post office, - considering I was going through a rough time and I was very young. Then I heard them again and I wondered who is this band? I waited and waited for the name of the band to be revealed and then somebody told me - "they are called My Chemical Romance". There I fell in love.