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Any Guitarists or Drummers Out There!

Me and my friend Kayla are looking for 2 guitarists and 1 drummer they need to be 14-17 m/f dont matter please know how to play.... if there is anyone on here who is from Ipswich, Queensland Australia or surrounding areas please comment... We are a punk rock band influenced heavily by MCR, Greenday and MSI. We are called "A Deadly Venom" please please comment if you are out there

Kayla and Mines Songs About MCR ... we love you guys

ok me and my friend made up these songs when we were trying to get to sleep and we used some things they are known for ...

Oh mcdonald had a farm
ei ei oh
and on that farm he had a mikey ei ei oh
with a dude dude here
and a dude dude there
here a dude there a dude
everywhere a dude dude

oh mcdonald had a farm ei ei oh
and on that farm he had a gerard ei ei oh
with a coffee coffee here
and a coffee coffee there
here a coffee there a coffee
everywhere a coffee coffee

oh mcdonald had a farm
ei ei oh
and on that farm he had a ray ei ei oh
with a cupcake cupcake here
and a cupcake cupcake there


i reckon mcr should have an internet video diary it would be awesome
just a thought lol

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to MCR and all of the following fans... can't wait for the next album the anticipation is epic lol


now my chem are coming to australia, they are playing soundwave. i am an australian who lives on the outskirts of brisbane and i dont have the money to get tickets and i haven't seen mcr live yet and i am dying to see them. to add to that my parents wont buy my tickets.... so any aussie fans that are going rock out hard core for me since i can't go....................................... LONG LIVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!

I wish i had the money to actually go to soundwave ... but i don't and its in fucking brisbane ... but i know it will be an awesome event stuff the BDO (Big Day Out) soundwave will be more better than that this year. MCR and Paramore there it will be the best show.... and if anyone is going have fun :D