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Schools are not letting school students dye their hair in a cool way. here are some examples of people getting in trouble for hair colour. WHAT THE FUCK DOES HAIR COLOUR GOT DO TO WITH GETTING GOOD GRADES! NOTHING! its fucking bullshit... i got in trouble for my hair today at school mine is like picture 2. But seriously wtf, our hair colour does not write essays or talks our class speeches I MEAN FUCKING HELL SCHOOL PEOPLE TEACHER THINGS WHATEVER YOU ARE GET A FUCKING LIFE AND START EDUCATING US PROBABLY DONT BE JEALOUS THAT YOU CANT HAVE HAIR LIKE US TEENS!!!

I Own Of You (put your name next to the item .. its a fun thing)

a person:
a soul:
a lock hair:
a finger:
a toe:
a smile:
a ear:
a guitar:
a pickle: emma/ditto
a chicken:
a eye:
a shoe:
a glove:
a pair of glasses:
a sock:
a set of teeth:
a nose:

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

I am so wonderfully happy today
If you have read a previous blog of mine i made a mention to the bitch that insulted mcr and us fans
well today i gladly got my revenge
it was as sweet as 3 tonnes of suger on the one candy cane.
She was walking my way and because the foolish girl was not looking where she was because she was to busy listening to her stupid gayass akon music
i got the pleasure of tripping her over, she fell head first into a bin and her ipod smashed on the concrete
i am so very very happy
Things have shaped up to be a very good beginning of the week.

Peter Pan

I get to sing a peter pan song for my school assignment
This should be as simple as saying apple pie
I love peter pan favourite childhood movie

Pick your 5



Yelled At

Yesterday in Ancient History we were talking about movies and someone had to mention new moon
and i simply said stating my own opinion that i hate twilight and i got yelled at by 6 people in my class
and i was in class of like 13, they are like "haven't you ever read the books," blah blah blah.
And these are the same people that dig shit at me for loving mcr.
At least mcr are real people not a fake vampire.
MCR is cool twilight is lame.
I am so sick and tired of people allowed to state their own fucking opinions on something that you love
and when you state your own about something they love

Desolation Row

i love this song but i love the clip more
Gerard Way i'm stealing the leather jacket you are wearing

My favourite line
"Cinderella she seems to easy
well it takes one to know one she smiles"

And the guys look GREAT!
Oh and Mr. Gerard Way i'm taking the thing you are wearing on your wrist
tbh when i first saw this clip it was not what i expected lol
you guys get arrested lol
Frankie poking the tongue out in the back of the cop van classic
i cracked up laughing at that

Back To School WAS HORRIBLE!!

Today i went back to school and it was horrible. I got food thrown at me, got called an emo suicide wannabe and got called a ridicolus mcr fan. But the one thing that pissed me off the most was a stupid bitch calling mcr a homosexual suicide band and that all their fans are stupid and are all fags. I am pissed off and really want a comeback but i cant think of anything. I am tired of being bullied about the music i listen to and my apperance, they crossed the line by bringing mcr and all you wonderful fans out there into it.

Cutest Pictures Of The Way Brothers


"Life at 16" (my poem)

Life at 16 great and pleasuring
Innocent to say we don't know anything
Innocent to be as free as can be
Innocent to be as young as we wanna be
But how can you be happy when you see someone you love hurting
How can you be sane when you have horrible memories
How can you escape such agony

I have watched a person close to me
Be hurt like she's been brutaily mudered
I have watched unfourtnate things
Things I can't explain
How do you give advice on such horrible things
How do you make them feel better and free
How do you make a real smile