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Bungee Jumping

I am going bungee jumping for my 17th. I am scared that the cable will snap. I have always wanted to go bungee jumping but never had the guts to. But for real i am going to do it. I think i might get one of my friends to push me off so i dont chicken out. And then next year SKYDIVING yay!.... or maybe something else idk yet. but i am defo doing bungee jumping this year.

TODAY IN MUSIC CLASS I MADE THIS POEM (it was meant to be a song lol)

love can be amazing
then BAM! and it could be lost
it could come with an expensive cost
you could have found a dud
but he may have been a stud
you may have found a nerd
that is so absurd
while he talks about his bird
love comes in all shapes and sizes
some may even give you prizes
they think of you as a trophie
when they forget your name and call you Sophie
they never use their head
unless it is the other one, while in bed
you think you have found the one
then he turns out to be another bum
you can dream
that you have a guy as sweet as ice cream
so now you know it all
some guys are small or

Music Review

Ok this is just a blog about my opinion on some random songs i think of ....

Brick By Boring Brick (Paramore) - i love the clip it goes well with the song, and it has the best lyric of 2009 in it
Cousins (Vampire Weekend) - i am in love with this song, nice catchy tune and a cheeky vibe to the clip.
WTF? - (Ok Go) - i like the creativity put into the clip, the song is good i wouldn't say great but its good.
Broken Leg (Bluejuice) - not one of my favourites bad it is not a bad song... the clip is kinda poor though.
Notion (Kings Of Leon) - I'm not a huge fan of these guys but i have to admit

Thank You MCR

I have so many emotions going through me right now. That i have no idea what do to with them.
My family are having problems, my past is still haunting me, my sister is being a bitch to me, my friends are neglecting me out of convos, people at school keep bullying me and i have once again been broken hearted.
If i didn't have MCR to listen to i would be so confused right now. I sung to the top of my lungs “I'm Not Okay” and it felt awesome. People looked at me weird but i dont give a fuck. So thank you so much MCR.

Subtitles Under The My Chemical Romance Header

I love the subtitles under the my chemical romance header.

Now with 50% more chemicals
Is watching Planet of The Apes
Is most likely at Disneyland
Is killing zombies
Will tear your shit up at Street Fighter 4
Hates blogs
Is getting way too old for this shit
Need trans-ams
Has way more Myspace friends than you. Like that actually means something (my favourite subtitle)
Have been watching way too much reality T.V
American rock and roll band (the best may i add)
Runs barter town

If i missed any please tell me
but they are so funny

I Know A Man Who Is A Coward

Today, a friend of mine was dumped by her boyfriend.
This faggot named Dylan got one of his female friends to come up to where we sit in school and dump her.
Now if this guy was a REAL MAN he would've come and TOLD HER HIMSELF!
But to all guys out there. Don't be fucking losres, if you are going to dump a girl never do it around valentines day, never get another person to do it and always fucking have a reason. Its just low, pathetic and cowardly.

I have no idea what to say to my friend though she loved him..... any advice?

The Cutest Thing

The cutest thing happened this morning. My baby nephew Levi, hes 1 year old, i was watching the music channel before i went to school and Black Parade came on the tv and he was singing along with it in his little cute baby lingo and dancing to it as well. It was the cutest thing i have ever seen and when Mikey was shown he screamed for joy, he got that off me i think. when Mikey is shown i show happiness and scream YAY ITS MIKEY WAY! i think my nephew was trying to do the same thing lol.

Australia forgives My Chemical Romance

i have recently just heard of Gerard's throat problem and because of it MCR had to cancel their shows in Australia. Guys you are family to us in australia and we will forgive you guys. Our main focus is that Gerard recovers fully. Just as long as we have Mikey, Ray, BOB, Frank and Gerard in good health we are happy. No need to apologize for cancelling shows. Gerard get better soon one of our 5 big brothers :)

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a smile: rheanna
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a pickle: emma/ditto
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a sock:
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